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FPGAs for ASIC Prototyping Bridge Global Development
Leveraging Linux for Energy Smarts: Q&A with Steve Raschke, CEO CANDI Controls
SoftBank to Acquire ARM for $32.2 Billion
Increased Interoperability: Q&A with Don Clarke, ETSI

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  • New Guide: Understanding Vector Network Analysis

    In this 62 page understanding guide we will introduce the basic fundamentals of the Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). Specific topics covered include phase and amplitude measurements, scattering parameters (S-parameters), and the polar and Smith chart displays.

  • LTE vs LTE Advanced: What you need to know about carrier aggregation

    The latest enhancement to LTE, known as LTE-Advanced or LTE-A, is an extensive set of new features that improve performance and increase reliability. Of these many features, carrier aggregation is perhaps the most important, because it simplifies traffic management while improving practical data rates and enhancing network capacity.

  • Real User Monitoring for Performance-Based Global Traffic Management

    Ensuring a speedy and consistent user experience becomes increasingly challenging as traffic grows. Several approaches attempt to tackle this problem, but only one succeeds. In this paper, Cedexis discusses the evolution that is happening in content delivery optimization – from single provider to round-robin based multiple origin to geo-based load balancing vs synthetic monitoring and real user monitoring, find out how you can evolve your content delivery strategy.

  • A Guide to the MISRA Coding Standard: What you need to know

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