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  • MVME250X Freescale QorIQ P2010/P2020 VME64x SBC

    Compatible Operating Systems: Linux, Wind River VxWorks Compatible Architectures: Power Architecture Artesyn Embedded Technologies’ MVME250X series features the Freescale QorIQ™

  • Comtel C-Frame family: 3U and 6U VPX development chassis

    C-Frame is the next generation VPX Development Platform supporting conduction and convection cooling options & variable slot pitch. It’s equipped with break-through 100Gbps Air-/-Plane

  • Rugged OpenVPX Handles/Panels & Components

    Pixus offers a vast array of components for OpenVPX, legacy cPCI and VME, and custom embedded systems. The Pixus OpenVPX injector/ejector handle features a rugged metal claw that resists

  • Low Cost OpenVPX Development System - for 3U Boards

    Pixus offers one of the most comprehensive group of products for OpenVPX. This includes backplane design, virtually limitless 19” rackmount or rugged chassis platforms, injector/ejector

  • COTS Rugged Chassis and Backplanes

    Supported Architectures: VPX, VME, CompactPCI and embedded form factors Imagine being able to deploy your electronics design in the harshest military, aerospace and industrial environments

  • Blackhawk XDS560v2 System Trace (STM)

    The Blackhawk XDS560v2 System Trace Emulator models are based on the Texas Instruments XDS560v2 JTAG emulator reference design (XDS560v2). The XDS560v2 design is the next generation

  • Advanced JTAG Emulators

    Blackhawk is a recognized leader in providing advanced JTAG Emulators for Texas Instruments DSPs and the first company to develop a USB JTAG Emulator for TI TMS320™ DSPs. From our

  • MitySOM-335x System-on-Module, with WiFi

    The MitySOM-335x with WiFi is a TI AM335x-based System-on-Module (SOM) that is fully integrated with LS Research’s TiWi-R2, supporting WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth. The TiWi-R2