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Configurable Crossbar Switch for Deterministic, Low-latency Inter-blade Communications in a MicroTCA Platform
MicroTCA Architectures for In-Building Wireless Networks
The Foundation for Taking IoT Devices Everywhere
CompactPCI Serial, MicroTCA, and AdvancedTCA: The Numbers Are Even Better Than You Think

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  • IGX Wireless Advanced Roaming

    Compatible Operating Systems: Linux, Android, Windows 7/8/10, and WEC7 Maintain Persistent Wireless Medical Device Connectivity with Advanced Roaming Software Medical device manufactures

  • TS-TPC-7990

    Compatible Operating Systems: Linux, Android OS, Debian, Yocto Interfaces: mini PCI Express Bus, 10/100 Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, More. The TS-TPC-7990 is a competitively priced,

  • Guardbox Type 33

    Elma’s Guardbox Type 33 line of compact electronic equipment enclosures are ideally suited for indoor and outdoor installations for surveillance, test and measurement instrumentation,

  • AcroPack APA7 FPGA

    Supported Architectures: PCIe, VPX, XMC Compatible Operating Systems: VxWorks, Windows, Linux The APA7-200 series provides an FPGA-based user-configurable bridge between a host

  • Intel® E3800 Series Edge-Connect SBC and Mini Embedded PC

    At just 75mm x 75mm, the ADLE3800SEC SBC features our newest Edge-Connect Architecture which provides easy expansion, reduces cabling, integration time and system size while increasing

  • TS-7970

    Compatible Operating Systems: Linux, Debian, Yocto, Ubuntu Core, QNX Powered by the NXP i.MX6 Cortex-A9 ARM CPU, the TS-7970 industrial Single Board Computer (SBC) stands out from

  • SoM-iMX6U Ultra Low Power SoM

    Supported Architectures: ARM Compatible Operating Systems: Embedded Linux Designed and manufactured in the USA, the SoM-iMX6U is an Ultra Low Power System on Module (SoM) designed

  • ADLEPC – Railway Rugged, Compact Embedded PC Family

    The ADLEPC (Embedded PC) family of products is ideal for rugged use in a variety of industries including: transportation, rugged industrial, unmanned systems, energy and utilities or