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  • Secure Linux Development with SUSE Embedded Solutions

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  • Railway Systems – Trends & Drivers

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  • Putting FPGAs to Work in Software Radio Systems

    FPGAs have become an increasingly important resource for software radio systems. Programmable logic technology now offers significant advantages for implementing software radio functions such as DDCs (Digital Downconverters). For many applications, this implementation shift brings advantages that include higher precision processing, higher channel density, lower power, and lower cost. Recently updated, this handbook introduces the basics of FPGA technology and its relationship to SDR (Software Defined Radio) systems.

  • Putting VPX and OpenVPX to Work Handbook, 1st Edition

    OpenVPX provides an effective method for describing VPX components, and also defines numerous “profiles” for boards, slots and backplanes that detail specific configurations of channels, interconnections and fabrics. By narrowing the field of configurations, these profiles boost reusability and interoperability between vendors. OpenVPX presents a formal, well-organized system for defining all components in VPX systems.

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  • Guardbox Type 33

    Elma’s Guardbox Type 33 line of compact electronic equipment enclosures are ideally suited for indoor and outdoor installations for surveillance, test and measurement instrumentation,

  • AcroPack APA7 FPGA

    Supported Architectures: PCIe, VPX, XMC Compatible Operating Systems: VxWorks, Windows, Linux The APA7-200 series provides an FPGA-based user-configurable bridge between a host

  • Intel® E3800 Series Edge-Connect SBC and Mini Embedded PC

    At just 75mm x 75mm, the ADLE3800SEC SBC features our newest Edge-Connect Architecture which provides easy expansion, reduces cabling, integration time and system size while increasing

  • TS-7970

    Compatible Operating Systems: Linux, Debian, Yocto, Ubuntu Core, QNX Powered by the NXP i.MX6 Cortex-A9 ARM CPU, the TS-7970 industrial Single Board Computer (SBC) stands out from

  • SoM-iMX6U Ultra Low Power SoM

    Supported Architectures: ARM Compatible Operating Systems: Embedded Linux Designed and manufactured in the USA, the SoM-iMX6U is an Ultra Low Power System on Module (SoM) designed

  • ADLEPC – Railway Rugged, Compact Embedded PC Family

    The ADLEPC (Embedded PC) family of products is ideal for rugged use in a variety of industries including: transportation, rugged industrial, unmanned systems, energy and utilities or

  • ProVIDE Technology

    Supported Architectures: Eclipse, Visual Studios, USB, PCIe, NVMe Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 10 (x86 and x64), Windows 8.1 (x86 and x64), Windows Server 2012 (x64), Windows

  • ControlSafe™ Platform

    Artesyn’s ControlSafe™ Platform is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), fail-safe system for train control and rail signaling. Based on open standards, it provides a cost-effective