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  • High-speed Switched Serial Fabrics Improve System Design

    This handbook reviews the development of gigabit serial fabrics to enhance system optimization; the role of FPGAs to implement this technology; and how some of the latest products can be used in high-speed data acquisition, recording and SDR systems.

  • Metadata Handling in Rugged Embedded Video Compression Systems

    In many situations, information is useless without information about the information. That’s where metadata comes in: it can give context and meaning to, for example, captured video. This white paper describes how a recent update to the highly flexible architecture of GE’s ICS-8580 video compression board uniquely provides it with a metadata engine, making it substantially more powerful in its ability to deliver actionable intelligence.

  • LVS Boxing Helps Designers Knock Out Designs Quickly

    Manage performance, database size and accuracy before, during and after design. Download your free whitepaper to learn how the new Calibre nmLVS boxing capabilities help manage these trade-offs by allowing:

    • Proper usage of regular, black and gray boxing options including strict hierarchy preservation on the black and gray boxed cells
    • Management of IP, missing IP and incomplete blocks during design development
    • Running of circuit verification and downstream processes ensuring IP and macro cell blocks hierarchy are not altered

  • Gaining Precision in Space Applications: Using Voltage References for Precision Signal Paths

    Often when selecting a component in the signal path of a satellite system, it is difficult to find a device with the radiation tolerance and the accuracy required. Signal integrity

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