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  • Embedded System Design and Development

    Medical Devices ❘ Automation and Control Commercial ❘ Aerospace ❘ Sensors ❘ Fiber Optics Microfluidics ❘ Nanotechnology ❘ IoT Wireless Communications ❘ Machine Learning Cloud

  • Security Consulting

    Integrity and Trust Services Vulnerability Analysis and Threat Modeling Security Architecture Design Hardware Integration Support Secure Firmware Development

  • Power Supplies

    Design of custom specific power supplies Converters for AC/DC, DC/DC and DC/AC from 1W … 3kW and more Usage of microcontrollers for PWM, control, supervision and interface

  • Occam Technology Group

  • Cosino A5136

    Cortex-A5 based CoMs utilize Microchip SoCs SAMA5D36 at 536MHz. Cost effective CPU and graphic performance with minimum power consumption, a perfect balance of power & efficiency

  • TLC Engineering Solutions

    Custom products and solutions for end users and OEM Specialists in industrial measurement, remote monitoring and control Hardware and software development from concept design

  • EMU01

    EMU01, an acronym for Energy Management Unit, is an electronic board designed for the management of the energy provided by primary batteries installed on board an electric traction

  • ArduoHDMI Shield

    HDMI shield compatible with Arduino® Uno form factor. Bridge a low-end microcontroller to high definition TV (HDTV) of 1080p@60Hz via HDMI interface. Arduino library in C++ available.