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Intel GO Solutions Pave the Way for Autonomous Cars
Beginning the Discussion on the Internet-of-Space
Internet of Spaces for the IOT
Emerging Mobile-Network Architectures are Raising Demand for High-Speed Optical Interconnects.

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  • Chris A. Ciufo on All Things Embedded

    Chris A. Ciufo on All Things Embedded

    Does Secure Erase Actually Work?

    Chris A. Ciufo, Editor, Embedded Systems Engineering In this Part 2 of 2, I examine the subject of using...

  • Iconic Embedded

    Iconic Embedded

    Who is Taking Cybersecurity Seriously, and why You Should be Worried

    By Alan Grau, Icon Labs On a daily basis, I have the opportunity to interact with a wide range of companies...

  • Blog Post: Why phase noise matters in RF sampling converters  /  (TI E2E Community)

    ** This is the 16th post in an Analog Wire RF sampling blog series . ** Radio frequency (RF) sampling data converters support very wide signal bandwidths and a variety of modulation schemes. The clocking performance for the RF sampling data converter is very important. I previously discussed the importance of the sampling...

  • edaForum: Evolving Devices from “All in One” to “One for All”  /   (Frank Schirrmeister Blog)

    This week I had the pleasure to attend and to present at the 11 th annual edaForum , held in Berlin, Germany. Coming back to my hometown and presenting at this conference was a real treat, even though the traffic was much worse than I remembered, mostly because on that day the Pope visited Berlin. The edaForum kicked off...

  • From Cadence Earning Call This Week  /  (Ran Avinun's Blog)

    In system development, we have focused on two key customer challenges. First, we are increasing their productivity by elevating design and verification to the next level of abstraction. This quarter, we announced the industry’s first transaction-level modeling, or TLM, design and verification flow. We also announced integration...

  • Hello,  /  (Consumerization: BYOD)

    Am a master of engineering student i need to use LTE-SIM soft ware for my dessertstion ,please how can i go about it,thanks...

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