Cast, Inc.

8-bit 8051 MCU IP Core Family

Supported 8-Bit Architectures: 8051

CAST offers the most complete and highly featured family of 8051 solutions, ready for easy integration in new systems or to replace or upgrade discrete MCUs in existing systems. These ultra-low-power MCUs combine the familiarity and reliability of the 8051 architecture with modern processor design techniques to provide fast, small, power-saving MCUs ideal for Internet of Things and other low-power and mobile applications. Working with 8051 experts Silesia Devices and based on almost 20 years of satisfying 8051 customer requirements, CAST now provides its best 8051 product lineup ever. Available in RTL for ASICs or as FPGA netlists, the cores include super-fast, tiny, 8- and 16-bit, and legacy-compatible versions. All come pre-integrated with peripherals; configurability and other options make them easy to optimize for each specific design project. Full MCS®51 compatibility, JTAG or single-wire hardware debug interfaces, and the ability to use the IAR Systems Embedded Workbench for 51 or Keil µVision or other popular IDEs make development quick and easy. The available Talos Series Evaluation Kits provide complete, ready-to-run hardware reference design systems to further simplify pre-sales evaluation or early system development. Design services to customize your 8051 are also available. All offer simple, highly-competitive licensing and no royalties, and are backed by one of the world’s most experienced 8051 IP sales, support, and development teams.

Features & Benefits

  • Super-Fast, Low-Power S8051XC3 MCU — Modern processor techniques make it the fastest available, at 28.85x original, with superior area and power usage and a wide set of peripherals and functions.
  • High-Performance, Configurable, Mature R8051XC2 — Competitively fast and small, used in hundreds of successful products over many years and built on 4th generation IP code.
  • Legacy-Configurable Part Replacement L8051XC1 — Modern 8051 design with tunable architecture & peripherals to exactly match functional and timing characteristics of existing chips.
  • 16-bit Super-Fast S80251XC3 and Tiny T80251XC3 — Efficiently manipulate 16- or 32-bit data with a small silicon footprint and low power consumption.
  • Talos Series Evaluation Kits — FPGA board implementation of any 8051 core complete with peripherals and interfaces, together with a hardware debug adapter pod, drivers, and example software.


Technical Specs

  • Almost 20 years providing 8051 IP; highly experienced sales, support, and development team with over 200 customers and hundreds of millions of shipping devices.
  • Superior solutions including the fastest 8-bit 8051 available, ultra-low interrupt latency and jitter, and the most mature IP code base.
  • Easy development and debugging via full MCS®51 code compatibility, JTAG or single-wire hardware debug, reference design boards, and integration with popular IDEs.
  • Large library of integrated peripherals (and custom development available) for perfectly matching new or existing system requirements.
  • Royalty-free licensing and competitive pricing make 8051s a cost-effective solution for nearly any project budget.



Application areas

IoT, embedded systems, industrial, automotive, consumer electronics, sensor controllers

Contact Information

Cast, Inc.

50 Tice Blvd., Suite 340
Woodcliff Lake, NJ , 07677

tele: (201) 381-8300
fax: (201) 391-8694

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