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Connecting to the Web: What IoT and Smart Home Device Makers Need to Know
IoT Security: Q&A with Sanjay Bhal, Texas Instruments
Isolation Is No Longer the Paradigm: Q&A with Intrinsic-ID CEO Dr. Pim Tuyls
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  • Where Does FAT Fail? – Exploring Compromises in this Ubiquitous File System Format.

    As an early option for data organization, the FAT file system attained a certain ubiquity. This paper examines characteristics of the FAT file system that leave it vulnerable to corruption, and some ways vendors (including Microsoft) are trying to make it more reliable. Can reliability be achieved without sacrificing interoperability? Is the performance cost worth the benefit?

  • Advancing Intelligent Vending with the Internet of Things

    Connected embedded platforms are enabling businesses to take advantage of the IoT. These intelligent systems improve all types of industrial applications, including those in the vending industry, which benefit from the sharing of information and insights. This white paper covers how ADLINK’s standard-based solutions help accelerate development of connected vending systems, delivering on the promise of connectivity, cloud services and analytics.

  • Using an Embedded Vision Processor to Build and Efficient Object Recognition System

    The advent of high-performance mobile computing platforms is driving rapid progress in computer vision capabilities. Machine vision is becoming embedded in highly integrated SoCs and

  • Migrating Consumer Electronics to the Automotive World

    Tough reliability standards for electronic automotive safety systems ensure that integrated circuits (ICs) comply with demanding performance and reliability requirements. These same IC reliability verifications tools can be used to validate circuit operation for "infotainment" and "connected car" applications, and ensure that customer reliability expectations are satisfied. Download your free report to learn how to: * Leverage existing IP for use in high-reliability applications * Provide automation for manual IC verification steps in your design flow * Improve existing coverage of IC reliability verification

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  • GS2011M Low Power, High Speed 802.11 b/g/n Module

    The GS2011M module provides a quick, easy, and cost effective way for device and appliance manufacturers to add Wi-Fi connectivity to their products. The module provides a high speed

  • SBS Quark-2187

    The Quark-2187 is a high integration, ultra low power consumption and rugged embedded CPU module. Based on Intel® architecture, the Quark-2187 is fully hardware and software compatible

  • Chengdu Vantron Technology IoT Gateway

    Full function IoT gateway with Wind River IDP IoT software solution, supports 3G/4G, GPS, GPRS, WiFi and ZigBee module; and also support RS485, RS232, CAN, USB sensor port. Key Features: Low

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