Market’s Smallest Single-Chip Dual-Channel Filter from STMicroelectronics Streamlines Design of ZigBee® Remotes for Consumer and IoT Devices

STMicroelectronics’ new DLPF-GP-01D3 integrated dual differential filter can replace up to 16 discrete surface-mount components and save 35mm2 of pc-board area in ZigBee® RF4CE[1] remotes and equipment such as set-top boxes, TVs, home gateways, alarms, and lighting. The extra space gives designers freedom to simplify board layout, reduce product size, or add new functions.

The DLPF-GP-01D3 is an impedance-matched companion chip for the popular GreenPeak GP540 and GP561 RF4CE communication controllers. These controllers enable low-cost single-layer pc-board integration, supported by the DLPF-GP-01D3 pinning that allows short, straight tracks for signal, ground, and common connections between the two devices.

The two integrated filter channels provide high attenuation outside the 2400-2500MHz frequency range and have low in-bandwidth insertion and return loss. ST has achieved this high performance, which helps designers meet the ZigBee RF4CE specifications, by leveraging its Integrated Passive Device (IPD) technology with non-conductive glass substrate for superior signal integrity.

By enabling a single-chip solution, the DLPF-GP-01D3 also simplifies circuit design and saves Bill Of Materials (BOM) costs. The tiny 1.2mm x 3.4mm footprint, and height of less than 560μm after reflow, make this the smallest dual low-pass filter solution on the market, for the GreenPeak GP540 and GP561. The entire filter can now be built in less than 1/10th the pc-board space of a conventional discrete circuit.

The DLPF-GP-01D3 is available immediately, in an 11-bump flip-chip package, priced from $0.23 for 5000 units.

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