Device Solutions and Bright Wolf Team Up to Sponsor the Inaugural North Carolina IoT Hackathon 2015

Students, Innovators and Business Professionals can Develop the Next Big Thing in IoT

Device Solutions and Bright Wolf announced that they are sponsoring the inaugural North Carolina IoT Hackathon 2015. (More info at #hackathoniotnc

The Hackathon is scheduled to begin Friday, Oct 2 at 6pm and continues through Sunday, Oct 4 at the North Carolina State University (NCSU) Centennial Campus. On Friday and Saturday, teams develop their projects. On Sunday, project prototypes are finalized and judged. Six projects will be awarded entry to local startup accelerator Groundwork Labs. In the Groundwork Labs program, teams will be able to develop their prototype into investment-ready businesses to pitch investors at the Data4Decisions Conference, March 22-24, 2016 (

Those interested in participating can sign up at
The cost is $25 for students and $75 for non-students.

The Hackathon is for anyone (ages 18 and up) interested in developing connected devices for the Internet of Things. This includes students, innovators and business professionals who are thinking about starting a venture in IoT as well as those who want to experiment with IoT. The Hackathon provides a great opportunity to prototype a device or concept they are thinking about for a business, experiment with different aspects of IoT, and work with experts in the IoT market.

By attending the Hackathon, participants will be exposed to the latest IoT technologies including a wide range of sensors, actuators, indicators, Cellio wireless gateways and transceivers, the Bright Wolf cloud platform, IoT dashboards, analytics and logic flows – all supporting advanced IoT/M2M/IIoT concepts. Participants will also learn about pitching a venture idea, creating a startup and building a successful IoT technology business.

“This is a great opportunity for those interested in developing IoT solutions to have an chance to try out connected, smart technologies – all in one place,” said Bob Witter, CEO of Device Solutions. “These IoT technologies and applications include the Cellio wireless IoT connectivity devices from Device Solutions, a variety of sensors and modules, as well as the Bright Wolf IoT platform.”

In addition to Device Solutions and Bright Wolf, this event is being sponsored by Groundwork Labs, Smashing Boxes, ASSIST, RIoT (coordinated by Reveal Mobile and the Wireless Research Center), and many other IoT focused companies.

Some of the IoT experts include Chris Lamb, CTO of Device Solutions and James Branigan, Founder and Platform Architect of Bright Wolf.

About Bright Wolf

Bright Wolf, founded in 2009, enables solutions that transform people, processes and products through the Internet of Things. Bright Wolf’s purpose built platform, shaped by decades of connected systems experience and augmented by our full spectrum application development, operations and support services, accelerates development and deployment of secure, industrial strength, future-resistant systems, allowing companies to harness innovative IoT solutions.

About Device Solutions

In 2003, Bob Witter and Chris Lamb formed Device Solutions to provide wireless and mobile device consulting to the telecom industry. The company began operations in a barn in Orange County, North Carolina. Keith Anderson joined in 2004, and the trio moved to the First Flight Venture Center. In its 12 year history, Device Solutions has designed and developed many products that impact daily life. Among the many are a mechanism to control a car’s ignition through breathalyzer, wireless utility monitoring, an implanted heart device that serves those awaiting transplant, wearable electronics, an e-cigarette, and a non-interventional wristband to aid children with autism and ADHD.

Public Relations Contact:
Mark Shapiro
SRS Tech Public Relations
+1 619 249 7742

For more information on Device Solutions and Cellio, contact:
Brent Ward
VP Business Development, Cellio
Device Solutions, Inc.
cell: 919-345-2336
skype: brentward

For more information on Bright Wolf, contact:
David Houghton

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