Wubby Launches New Device-Level Software Platform for Everyday Objects

Creating and connecting an everyday object does not have to be complicated or time consuming

Wubby is a standalone “all in the box” solution that enables developers to do all their work in-house.

The new Wubby (http://www.wubby.io) platform simplifies the development of IoT and Smart Home devices and systems by providing a programming environment that supports Python code execution directly in the microcontroller of the device. This allows a broader developer audience to create new everyday objects because of the popularity of Python.

Wubby (pronounced Wha-bee) is the first platform that truly separates hardware from software, abstracting the hardware and allowing the developers to contribute by writing simple python scripts, rather having to deploy the whole device image. What iOS and Android have been for the mobile phone market, Wubby is for IoT devices.

At the core of Wubby platform is the Wubby VM, that runs in the heart of an everyday object, the microcontroller. Its main duty is simple, to provide a hardware agnostic environment for the creation of interoperable applications inside each everyday object. Wubby VM is accompanied by the following components – Wubby IDE is a platform agnostic development environment for configuration, debugging and simulation of everyday objects; Wubby Cloud is a collection of protocols and web services for application deployment and backend device management; Wubby Client is the main tool for user interaction with everyday objects including managing them and installing/updating new apps.

“With years of successful experience developing products for the IoT market, we believe we have solved many of the problems that limit the IoT vision from being fully realized,” says Dimitris Leonardos, CEO of Wubby. “Wubby lets everyday objects quickly connect to each other by infusing them with intelligence, while making the whole process EASY. Conventional ways seem to not work – this is why we invented Wubby.”

More about Wubby

Wubby was created in 2015 as a spin-off of Econais. Econais had been in the IoT market since 2010 and had developed a number of Wi-Fi modules with very unique characteristics (smallest size, lowest power consumption, complete software, etc.) compared to any other competitive solutions in the market.

For more information, please visit http://www.wubby.io

Contact Information


2479, E. Bayshore Road, Suite 235
Palo Alto, CA, 94303


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