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ACE – Allegro Cryptography Engine

Supported Architectures: All 16-bit CPU/MPU and above
Compatible Operating systems: All – Linux, Windows, VxWorks, pSOS, uCOS, MQX, RTXC, etc.

ACE is a core cryptography engine that provides developers with the resources to employ a “defense in depth” strategy with multiple layers of security services. ACE is a platform-independent, high performance, resource-sensitive, cryptography engine validated by NIST and specifically engineered for the rigors of embedded computing. With ACE, OEM manufacturers can add standards-based cryptography to resource sensitive embedded systems quickly, easily, and reliably while decreasing time to market. When deployed in your application, ACE is a cryptographic library module that provides software implementations of FIPS-approved algorithms for the calculation of:

  • Message digests
  • Digital signature creation and verification
  • Bulk encryption and decryption
  • Key generation
  • Key exchange Used standalone or pre-integrated with complete Allegro AE product suite, ACE provides government validated implementations of sophisticated encryption algorithms for use in your application.


  • NIST Validation of FIPS 140-2 algorithms
  • NSA Suite B cryptography
  • GPL-Free code protects your intellectual property
  • Independently developed by US citizens to meet Free From Foreign Influence (FFFI) requirements
  • ANSI-C source code distribution



  • Processor Architecture – Works with any 16-bit, 32-bit or 64-bit processor
  • Operating System(OS) – Works with any OS vendor and will function without an OS if needed
  • Compiler – ANSI C


Medical, Government, Military, Energy, Consumer, Industrial, Automobile, IoT, IoMT, and many more

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Allegro Software Development Corporation

1740 Massachusetts Avenue
Boxborough, MA, 01719

tele: 978.264.6600
fax: 978.266.2839

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