Baidu Collaborates with Conexant to Bring Conversation-based AI Devices to Market

Baidu to expedite adoption of its DuerOS AI platform by third-party device makers with Conexant’s AudioSmart voice solutions

IRVINE, Calif., July 5, 2017 – Conexant, a leading provider of audio and voice technology solutions that enable a more natural user experience, today announced that it is collaborating with Baidu to release development kits and reference designs for device makers to develop far-field voice-enabled artificial intelligent (AI) devices running on Baidu’s DuerOS platform.

The development kits and reference designs will be powered by Conexant’s CX20924 4 microphone and CX20921 2-microphone voice input processing solutions. DuerOS is a conversation-based AI system that already supports access to a voice-activated digital assistant for mobile phones, TVs, speakers, and other devices.

The collaboration is aimed at helping developers and device-makers integrate DuerOS
into their own products. Conexant is the de facto far-field solution for voice-enabled products today, and through this partnership, Baidu and Conexant are establishing a high-performance standard for AI devices to come. Enabling speech recognition and voice control from a distance requires overcoming substantial acoustic challenges related to echo cancellation, background noise, position of microphones, speaker placement and more. The 2-mic and 4-mic development kits for DuerOS will help shorten time-to-market of conversation-based AI devices with high-performance noise cancellation and far-field voice capability.
“Conexant brings a valuable asset to Baidu and third-party product developers looking to create innovative applications for the DuerOS AI platform,” said Kun Jing, General Manager of Baidu Duer Business Unit. “Voice interface is a critical part of DuerOS and we are committed to working closely with Conexant to quickly grow the DuerOS ecosystem by offering product developers a solution to help them quickly fulfill consumer demand for top-performing AI-infused devices. We’re working closely with Conexant to ensure their voice solutions provide optimal speech recognition performance with our AI system and are excited to provide device makers tools to jumpstart the creation of new hardware applications.”
The core component in the announced development kits is Conexant’s AudioSmart(r) voice input processor (CX20924 for 4-mic applications, and CX20921 for 2-mic applications) running its industry-leading far-field voice pre-processing software technology. Conexant’s far-field voice input processors focus on the user’s voice and remove echoes and noise from the audio signal to provide the DuerOS cloud AI platform clear voice requests for speech recognition processing. Conexant’s market-proven voice processing provides a consistently accurate AI experience.
Key benefits of the Conexant AudioSmart voice input processors include:

• Robust far-field voice interaction with two or four microphones

• Proprietary Smart Source Locator™ technology identifies the direction from
which the user’s voice is coming (4-mic only)

• Enhanced Smart Source Pickup noise suppression improves speech recognition
performance by filtering non-stationary TV noise and voices coming from sources
other than the user out of the audio signal

• Voice barge-in enabled by full duplex acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) detects the wake word even when the device is playing music or voice prompts loudly “The voice revolution is a global phenomenon. By working with Baidu, we help more third-party manufacturers bring to market innovative voice-enabled AI devices with an exceptional conversational AI experience,” said Saleel Awsare, President of Conexant. “The launch of DuerOS development kits and reference designs will drastically reduce development time and cost, allowing manufacturers to quickly bring their innovative ideas to market.”
Introduced at Baidu Create 2017, the development kits and reference designs for
DuerOS will be available on 07/05/2017. To learn more about Conexant and this announcement, please visit, follow them on LinkedIn, like them on
Facebook, and view their videos on YouTube.

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