Cratus Leverages Thinfilm’s NFC Technology to Deliver IoT-Focused Supply Chain Solution

Thin Film Electronics ASA, a supplier of NFC (near field communication) solutions, announced a partnership with Cratus Technology, Inc. Through the collaboration, Cratus will integrate Thinfilm’s technology into mobile sensor platforms, enabling location sensing and tamper-evidence monitoring of high-value goods through the simple tap of a smartphone or commercial reader.

Cratus’ newly launched mobile sensor-platform for high-value shipments was designed to record ambient environment data including temperature, pressure, shock, orientation, and humidity. Serving as a silent sentinel on a package’s journey through the supply chain, the sensor platform was designed to capture adverse events and record them for dispute resolution and general supply chain monitoring. In addition to GPS tracking and multiple methods of communication options including Bluetooth, cellular, WiFi and LPWAN, Cratus wanted to add location tracking capabilities and next-generation tamper detection functionality to its sensor platform and turned to Thinfilm’s OpenSense technology to enhance the security, flexibility and user experience in its offering.

According to a research report by Kroll, a leading security risk management firm, during 2016 29% of businesses suffered from thefts of physical assets or stock, while 26% of businesses suffered from vendor, supplier, or procurement fraud. These losses typically occurred within an unmonitored, unsecured supply chain. Adding discrete, flexible sensors such as Thinfilm’s OpenSense tags into packaging can help reduce these losses once the product leaves the shipping dock. The OpenSense solution combines IoT (Internet of Things) technology and a cloud-based management portal that enables a unique approach to digital authentication and engagement in the physical world. The tags, which are easily integrated into a range of packaging form factors, generate valuable data to help supply chain managers track, trace, and secure valuable shipments.

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