Keeping An Eye on Smart Sensors, Security and OTA

I’ve put my digital recorder out of sight. I’m tired of it reminding me that I am days (okay, weeks!) behind in shepherding interviews with individuals working on interesting (and often groundbreaking) technologies in the embedded space from the recorder to the page.  I can’t be cranky for long, though. The upside is that I get to learn so much when speaking with folks like Crocus Technology’s Zack Deiri, who explains in our Q&A in this issue why the company’s rugged magnetic technology is of keen interest to those keeping an eye on the evolution of smart sensors.

Editor-in-chief Chris Ciufo conducted a Q&A with Richard York, VP of Embedded, ARM, about the company’s plans for its Cortex-A processors and why those plans are closely tied to the fortunes of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.  Their conversation also covers such related topics as outside-the-car machine vision.

Turning to the tricky subject of heat and how to get rid of it, ARM’s Brian Fuller describes in his article, “How to Design a Data Center for the Developing World,” the role a Banana Pi board played in the creation of an award-winning solar-powered micro weather station.

In an article earlier this year, Mahbubul Alam, Movimento CTO, wrote about the software-defined car.   I learned even more about this topic when Alam and I spoke not long after Mitsubishi Electric debuted the latest edition of its Android-based FLEXConnect In-Vehicle-Infotainment system, a system that integrates OTA technology from Movimento. Discussing how drivers will be able to personalize and update their FLEXConnect IVIs by virtue of OTA updates also got us onto the topics of autonomous vehicles and car sharing, but I think what I found most interesting during our conversation were Alam’s ideas on how the automotive industry can avoid some of the growing pains the PC and mobile sectors experienced. See our Q&A in this issue.

Avoiding pain is exactly what Design to Order or D2O tools seem to offer.  Andrew Simpson of Gumstix tells us in this issue how D2O can “take supply chain management and manufacturing logistics from the developer’s plate.”  Simpson’s article, “Design-to-Order Strategies Streamline IoT Development,” notes the benefits of online design tools that support Linux and Android.

Sometimes you want to yell “Look Ma! No hands!” but Ma isn’t there to look.  If you want to record your feat for Ma to see later, some help along those lines could come from the location technology advances DecaWave’s Ciaran Connell describes in this issue.  Enjoy!

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