Maker Faire Bay Area Announces 2018 Lineup

May 18-20 at the San Mateo County Event Center

“gathering of folks from all walks of life who blend science, technology, craft and art to make things both goofy and grand” – NY Times


SAN FRANCISCO (April 26, 2018)– Maker Faire, the world’s biggest celebration of invention, creativity and curiosity, has announced its initial line-up of Makers, speakers and featured attractions for its 13th annual flagship event, Maker Faire Bay Area. Headliners for the 3-day event, which draws over 125,000 attendees and features over 1200curated projects across music, art, science, health, robotics and more, include: “Prosthesis”, a 14’ tall, human-piloted exoskeleton; famed sculptor Duane Flatmo’s latest creation “Rabid Transit”; Andy Tibbets’ “Clock Ship Tere”, a pirate ship with a steel mast that reaches 33’ into the air, and spews sails of fire; and a keynote delivery from MIT Media Lab’s Mitchel Resnick, who will talk about his new book, ‘Lifelong Kindergarten’ and how makers cultivate creativity through Projects, Passion and Play.

Along with the very latest in VR and AI, 3D printing and digital fabrication, craft and futuristic fashion, other highlights at this year’s Bay Area Maker Faire include speakers from Lucasfilm’s Ready Player One and Pixar; a giant “Airigami” balloon dragon; R2-D2 and BB-8 Droids; the Cosmic Space Worm (made with 5 adult tricycles and 500 LEDs!); the Power Wheels Racing Series (modded electric toy cars!); “Fire helix” an interactive, spinning, flame-shooting metal sculpture that comes alive to music generated by participants; Maker Sarah Corbett introduces “craftivism,” a quieter, creativity-focused form of activism; an expanded Cosplay area and new cosplay prop competition; and countless presentations, performances, artistic installations and hands-on workshops. Nintendo will also be on hand to give attendees a first look at their exciting new Nintendo Labokits, amazing creations that blend the tactile experience of construction with the technology of the Nintendo Switch system.

This year’s Maker Faire Bay Area also features a diverse mix of Makers and projects from places like China, Taiwan, Nepal, Japan, Guatemala, India, South Korea, Austria, Turkey, Belgium, Belarus and Mexico. The Italian Trade Agency, a sponsor for this year’s event, will be flying a group of 12 Italian Makers to showcase the maker spirit and innovation coming out of Italy.

“Maker Faire celebrates innovative hands-on learning and sharing, which inspires us to see ourselves as makers of the future,” explained Dale Dougherty, CEO of Make: and Maker Faire

“We all have the ability to make things, to use tools to solve problems. Maker Faire is where people of all ages come together as a community to share their amazing stories and projects. More than 1 million people experience Maker Faire every year across 44 countries and that is evidence of a growing global movement.”

The event also features an exciting line-up of speakers that represent the depth and range of Maker culture represented at Maker Faire. They include: MIT Media Lab’s Mitchel Resnick; Pixar’s Director of Photography Danielle Feinberg; YouTube celeb, “The King of Random” Grant Thompson; IBM researcher and materials scientist Talia Gershon; founder of Arduino, Massimo Banzi; Tim O’Reilly, publisher and author of ‘WTF? What’s the Future and Why It’s Up to Us’; Ready Player One/Lucasfilm sound designer Kyrsten Mate; and USC theoretical physicist Clifford V. Johnson, author of ‘The Dialogues: Conversations about the Nature of the Universe’. These (and many more) creative innovators will grace the 7 Maker Faire presentation stages in 2018.

Other Maker Faire Bay Area happenings:

Industry Career and College Day at the San Mateo County Event Center: hosted in partnership with Cornell University College of Engineering. The special event is a unique opportunity for students and job-seekers to explore career paths, and inspire new possibilities for their education and future. There will also be an opportunity for select students to pitch their ideas onstage for a chance to win a special advantage in the Cornell Cup, Cornell’s college-level embedded design competition. Friday, May 18 (9am – 1pm), Free

Maker Faire Preview at The Exploratorium Get a special Maker Faire preview in partnership with San Francisco’s Exploratorium museum at their AfterDark: Maker Faire Edition. A teaser taste of Maker Faire—with cocktails! Thursday, May 17 (6pm – 10pm), $14.95 – $19.95

About Maker Faire

Founded in 2006, Maker Faire inspires the future of makers with a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness. People of all ages and backgrounds gather to show what they are making and share what they are learning. With nearly 200 Maker Faires happening around the world, the global event engages more than 1.4 million annual attendees across 44 countries. In 2014, there was even a Maker Faire on the grounds of The White House. The two flagship events, the annual Bay Area Maker Faire and the World Maker Faire in New York welcome a combined 2,000 Makers and 250,000 attendees each year.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Make: has been widely credited with jumpstarting the worldwide Maker Movement, which is a transforming force in innovation, culture, and education. Maker Faire is part of the Maker Media brand, which includes Maker: Shed and Make: Magazine.