Whether you are a test engineer or firmware developer, LeCroy’s Protocol Analyzers will help you quickly identify, troubleshoot and solve all your protocol problems.

Whether you are a test engineer or firmware developer, LeCroy’s Protocol Analyzers will help you quickly identify, troubleshoot and solve all your protocol problems.  LeCroy works closely with industry standards groups such as the PCI-SIG®, PICMG, VITA and the Intel Embedded Communication Alliance to help developers rapidly bring to market high performance and reliable PCI Express protocol test solutions.

LeCroy’s products include a wide range of probe connections to support XMC, AMC, ATCA, microTCA, Express Card, MiniCard, Express Module, HP Blade Server Modules, MidBus connectors and flexible mult-lead probes for PCIe® 1.0a,  1.1(“Gen1” at 2.5GT/s) , PCIe 2.0(“Gen 2” at 5 GT/s) and PCIe 3.0(“Gen 3” at 8 GT/s).

The high performance SummitTM T3-16 Protocol Analyzer features the new PCIe virtualization extensions fo SR-IOV and MR-IOV and in-band logic analysis.

LeCroy offers a complete range of protocol test solutions, including analyzers, exercisers, protocol test cards, and physical layer testing tools that are certified by the PCI-SIG for ensuring compliance and compatibility with PCI Express specifications, including PCIe 3.0.

Features and Benefits

  • One button protocol error check. Lists all protocol errors found in a trace. Great starting point for beginning a debug session.
  • Flow control screen that quickly shows credit balances for root complex and endpoint performance bottlenecks.  Easily find out why your add-in card is underperforming on its benchmarks.
  • LTSSM state view screen that accurately shows power state transitions with hyperlinks to drill down to more detail. Helps identify issues when endpoints go into and out of low power states.
  • Full power  management state tracking with LeCroy’s Interposer technology. Prevents loosing the trace when the system goes into electrical idle.
  • LeCroy’s Data View shows only the necessary protocol handshaking ack/naks so you don’t have to be a protocol expert to understand if root complexes and  endpoints are communicating properly.
  • Real Time Statistics puts the analyzer into a monitoring mode showing rates for any user term chosen. Good for showing performance and bus utilization of the DUT.
  • Zero Time Search provides a fast way to search large traces for specific protocol terms.
  • Config space can be displayed in its entirety so that driver registers can be verified.

Technical Specs


    Lanes supported:  X1,x2,x4,x8,x16

    Speeds: 2.5GT/s, 5GT/s and 8GTs

    Probes/Interposers: active and passive PCIe slot, XMC, AMC, express card, express module, minicard, MidBus, multi-lead, and others.

    Form factor: Card, Chassis


    Lanes supported:  X1,x2,x4,x8,x16

    Speeds: 2.5GT/s, 5GT/s

    Emulation: root complex and endpoint emulation

Protocol Test Card

    Speeds:   2.5GT/s and 5GT/s operation

    Tests:       Add-in-card test

                              BIOS Platform Test

                             Single Root IO Virtualization Test



Mezzanine boards, add-in cards, host carrier systems, system boards, chips

Contact Information

Teledyne LeCroy

700 Chestnut Ridge Rd
Chestnut Ridge, NY, 10977

toll-free: 800-909-7211

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