Z-Plane Announces 80G AdvancedTCA Backplane

Z-Plane Presents 80G Paper at ATCA Summit in San Jose

PALO ALTO, California, November 1, 2011 – Z-Plane, Inc., a high-speed electronic packaging and interconnection technology company, will be presenting a paper on its new 80G ATCA Backplane architecture and exhibiting samples of its high-speed ATCA backplane with Z-Links at the ATCA Summit in San Jose, CA Nov 1-2.

The Z-Plane 80G (Gigabit/second) ATCA backplane with Z-Links offers at least up to double the performance of traditional versions of the architecture at a lower cost. This performance is achieved using the Z-Links, which carry the high-speed signals with long traces via small PCB boards that plug directly into the rear of the backplane. The basic clock signals and power traces are left on the backplane. The orthogonal Z-Link approach allows the backplane to have only 6-8 layers, as compared with a traditional ATCA backplane may have 18-24 or more layers. Characterization studies confirm that the Z-Plane backplane design with Z-Links can deliver superior signal integrity at increasingly higher data rates than conventional backplane designs.

The ATCA community is moving from 10G to 40G speeds per channel across the backplane. The Z-Plane architecture with Z-Links may help ATCA backplanes achieve very high performance levels, at significantly lower costs. The Z-Links feature an adapter with guide pins, which firmly secure it to the rear of the backplane PCB and provide strain relief. This adapter has a short, impedance-matched connection between the rear “Z dimension” PCB (or Z-Link) and the backplane connector.

Contact Z-Plane directly or visit www.z-planeinc.com for more information.

About Z-Plane, Inc.:

Founded in late 2008, Z-Plane™ Inc is a technology-based high-speed electronic packaging and interconnection technology company, which was established to design, develop, market, and manufacture such high-speed backplane interconnection solutions. Z-Plane™ is focused on providing new packaging technology for high-speed telecommunications and computing equipment, including routers, servers, and switches with data rates from 40G (Gb/sec/channel) to more than 100G. The Z-Plane™ packaging architecture focuses on chip-to-chip interactions and includes the backplane design, the backplane connectors, and the daughter card design. www.z-planeinc.com

Contact Information

Z-Plane, Inc.

1170 Hamilton Avenue
Palo Alto, CA , 94301

tele: (415) 309-2647

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