New 40G AdvancedTCA Backplane from Pixus Technologies Boost Density and Bandwidth

Pixus Technologies, a supplier of backplane, chassis, and embedded component solutions, now offers 40G AdvancedTCA (ATCA) backplanes in the 6-slot and 14-slot sizes.

The 40G ATCA backplanes from Pixus Technologies are designed to PICMG 3.0 Rev 3.0 specifications.  The 6 slot version features dual pluggable shelf manager/switch connections.  By combining the shelf managers and switches, users get a full 6 payload slots versus 4 payload slots when switches occupy two board slots.  The result is the user gets 50% more computing density in addition to a 400% increase of data rates from previous 10G AdvancedTCA shelves.

Pixus Technologies’ 14-slot 40G backplane comes with pluggable PEM (power entry module) options.  Slot 0 of the backplane allows dual shelf managers to be plugged into the chassis without taking up any of the 14 slots.  The 40G ATCA backplanes feature 18-22 layers in FR-4, Nelco4000-13SI, or other laminates.  Pixus also offers 10G ATCA backplanes for both vertical-mount and horizontal-mount shelves. 

About Pixus Technologies

Leveraging over 20 years of innovative standard products, the Pixus team is comprised of industry experts in electronics packaging. Founded in 2009 by senior management from Kaparel Corporation, a Rittal company, Pixus Technologies’ embedded backplanes and systems are focused primarily on  ATCA, OpenVPX, PCIe and custom designs.    Pixus also has an extensive library of VME-based and cPCI-based solutions.   In May 2011, Pixus Technologies became the exclusive North and South American supplier of the electronic packaging products previously offered by Kaparel Corporation and Rittal.  

Pixus Technologies is actively involved in the continuous development of leading AdvancedTCA, OpenVPX, and cPCI/PCIe products that will surpass all data transfer and cooling challenges.

Contact Information

Pixus Technologies

50 Bathurst Drive
Waterloo, Ontario, N2V 2C5

tele: 519-885-5775

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