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Driving The Digital Car With Analog Components
Linux and Low-Power in Automotive IVI
Correct by Construction
Linux and Android Q&A with Wind River

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  • Chris A. Ciufo on All Things Embedded

    Chris A. Ciufo on All Things Embedded

    Eye diagrams don’t lie: ReDrivers, before and after

    USB, HDMI, or analog signals degrade to mush over long signal traces or cables; check out these “before...

  • Chipnastics


    Server system-on-chips pack up to 48 64-bit ARM cores

    Targeting secure cloud servers, storage servers, compute servers, and data-plane applications, the ThunderX...

  • Nick MacKechnie-Stuck somewhere between family life and IT...

    Nick MacKechnie-Stuck somewhere between family life and IT...

    nickmac@microsoft is EOL as at 21/03/14 NZDST

    Hi All, Thanks so much for all of your support, feedback and interactions since 2002 -  It's...

  • Pallab's Place

    Pallab's Place

    EUV and eBeam at SPIE ADV Litho 2013

    While the main manufacturing flows are still focusing on optical lithography, eBeam and EUV are still...

  • Blog Post: Boost or not to boost - wide Vin boost power management ICs do much more  /  (TI E2E Community)

    When the available input power is lower than the desired voltage in your system, you need a boost converter to boost (step-up) the input voltage. Examples include emergency call (eCall) systems, automotive start-stop systems, audio power amplifiers (PAs), smart grid data concentrators, thunderbolt data ports, power bank...

  • Aren’t They All Alike?  /   (John Day)

    The past few weeks have been busy ones for Renesas Electronics, a major supplier of chips for automotive and other applications. The company introduced the R-Car V2H, its third-generation R-Car system-on-a-chip (SoC) and the first in the series optimized for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS); 40 nm RH850/C1x microcontrollers...

  • Recommended from Around the Web (Week Ending August 30, 2014)  /  (Technology Review Feed - Energy Top Stories)

    A roundup of the most interesting stories from other sites, collected by the staff at MIT Technology Review.Robots with Their Heads in the Clouds UC Berkeley’s Ken Golden on robots, the cloud, and why Google is building a driverless car. —Nanette Byrnes, senior editor, Business Reports...

  • searching vector with maps  /  (Consumerization: BYOD)

    Currently im creating a simple phone directory. I am having a problem when searching the vector. It only lets me search for the exact key in the directory when I need to to search for strings that are close to the name. For example when I search "car" it will ......

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