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Lock Your SoC with On-Chip Network Services for Security and Error Management
Color Sensing Improves Look and Feel of Smart Products
Industrial equipment talking on the IoT? Better get a gateway (device).
Samsung Galaxy Gear Teardown

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  • Chris A. Ciufo on All Things Embedded

    Chris A. Ciufo on All Things Embedded

    Industrial equipment talking on the IoT? Better get a gateway (device).

    Merely routing data from local sensors onto the Internet is not the point of the IoT. Instead, aggregating...

  • Chipnastics


    Server system-on-chips pack up to 48 64-bit ARM cores

    Targeting secure cloud servers, storage servers, compute servers, and data-plane applications, the ThunderX...

  • Nick MacKechnie-Stuck somewhere between family life and IT...

    Nick MacKechnie-Stuck somewhere between family life and IT...

    nickmac@microsoft is EOL as at 21/03/14 NZDST

    Hi All, Thanks so much for all of your support, feedback and interactions since 2002 -  It's...

  • Pallab's Place

    Pallab's Place

    EUV and eBeam at SPIE ADV Litho 2013

    While the main manufacturing flows are still focusing on optical lithography, eBeam and EUV are still...

  • Kids These Days  /   (John Day)

    Those of a certain age may remember what it was like to wait impatiently to turn 16 and be able to drive (legally). There was an excitement about driving and eventual car ownership that’s not there anymore, or at least not there to the same degree. Kids these days have other options, as do adults, […]...

  • Blog Post: How LED Drivers help customize your car with style  /  (TI E2E Community)

    In this day and age, you can tailor everything to your specific personality and style. Your phone can have bling, your tablet can have a picture of your family on the cover, your headphones can be polka dotted patterns and your car can have bright LED lights that make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. LEDs are increasingly...

  • Loan Repayments Calculator by Java  /  (Consumerization: BYOD)

    Can anyone help me to write java program?I'm using BlueJ for this assignment.This assignment is to write a program to calculate loan repayments. Banks and/or finance companies loan customers money (usually called a mortgage) so they can make large purchases (such as a house or a car). Each month a ......

  • Ethernet in Cars - The Next Big Thing for Ethernet  /   (Denali Memory Blog)

    Ethernet is coming to cars. Cars now have rear-view cameras and infotainment systems which require video to be transported at a high data rate. Ethernet is the best technology to carry this data. Ethernet celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2013, and has evolved to support many speeds (10Mbps to 100Gbps) and environments....

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