Caruma and Inthinc Partnership to Bring Connected-Car Safety Advances to Fleet Vehicles

Strategic Partnership Formed to Support Co-Innovation and Develop Business Opportunities for Caruma’s Vision-Based Connected-Car Platform in Commercial Vehicles

Why is the fleet industry turning to intelligent vehicle technology to improve driver behavior, reduce crashes, increase fleet productivity and lower emissions? Because aftermarket driver assistance systems that use advanced software algorithms to enable object detection and clustering of multiple sensors for camera-based systems are being deployed to solve these issues.

Caruma Technologies, a leader in Internet of Things (IoT) for automotive technology and inthinc Technology Solutions, a global provider of advanced, safety focused fleet telematics and real-time driver behavior improvement solutions, today announced a strategic partnership to design and develop the Caruma Cam Pro, an intelligent connected camera and software platform for commercial drivers and fleet operators.

What It Does

Based on Caruma technology, the Caruma Cam Pro will instantly sense and alert drivers to dangers or distractions to help avoid accidents. Its two cameras provide high definition (HD) video from inside the vehicle and the vehicle’s environment, accurately detecting and recording events such as texting while driving, drowsiness, obstructions in the vehicle path, lane departure or unsafe following distance.

Defined events will trigger inthinc Technology Solution’s market leading in-vehicle verbal mentoring to provide real-time feedback to drivers. The video and data are then sent to Caruma’s cloud where it is analyzed and processed into visual data and statistical information. This information provides fleet managers with a complete, context-rich picture that can help to improve driver behavior and increase safety.

Caruma Cam Pro combines computer vision, artificial intelligence, and sensor fusion into an open, connected car platform to provide Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring System (DMS) capabilities. Integrating advanced video analytics into the inthinc telematics solutions will bring modern ADAS elements to a wide range of commercial vehicle applications.

“The top concerns for commercial fleet managers are safety and cost containment,” said Todd Follmer, CEO of inthinc Technology Solutions. “Our relationship with Caruma gives us access to the latest artificial intelligent vision technology and significantly boosts our current market-leading technology. This will only further our ability to safeguard drivers and maximize vehicle efficiencies.”

“We strongly believe that vision-based connected vehicle solutions are an important way to save lives as well as to reduce costs,” said Chris Carson, Founder & CEO, Caruma Technologies. “We are proud to be a strategic technology partner with inthinc to provide solutions that will give fleet managers a competitive advantage.”

Under terms of the partnership agreement, inthinc will integrate its mapping and location-based software into Caruma Cam Pro and become a reseller in Caruma’s partnership program.

Caruma Cam will be available for pre-order in late December at the retail price of $599. For more details, please visit:

About Caruma Technologies

Founded in 2015, Caruma Technologies is a San Francisco based, Internet of Things for Automotive company that uses the underlying technologies found in autonomous driving vehicles to improve driver safety and security. For more information about Caruma and its vision-based connected car platform, visit

About inthinc Technology Solutions inthinc is a global telematics solutions provider offering products and services focused on driver safety, operational efficiency and compliance and workforce optimization. Its breakthrough technologies and services are designed to enhance fleet performance by providing real-time fleet intelligence to managers and in-vehicle verbal coaching to drivers. inthinc technology has been documented to reduce accidents by 90 percent, improve fuel economy by 10 percent, and decrease maintenance costs by 20 percent. For more information, visit

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