SYSGO reinforces its Commitment to the Automotive Market

As of October 2018, SYSGO AG, a Thales company, is an official “Development Partner” in the AUTOSAR consortium, a worldwide partnership developing the standardized software framework for intelligent mobility.

For a number of years now, car manufacturers have been packing their vehicles with ever-increasing numbers of electronic systems and equipment, providing new functionalities designed to improve drive quality and boost passenger safety. But there’s a hitch – these computer systems on wheels are becoming a prime target for cyber criminals and hackers; thus the need of a standardized cybersecured software framework. All AUTOSAR partners share a common goal: to establish an open, standardised, secure software architecture for electronic control units used in automobiles. After announcing a joint venture with Vector in January 2018, SYSGO is emphasising its continued commitment in the automotive market by formally joining the consortium.

As a leading European provider of real-time operating systems, SYSGO will bring its long expertise in safety-critical embedded environments to the AUTOSAR development. SYSGO’s solution PikeOS supports the strict separation of multiple applications on a single platform, even of different criticality, and therefore promotes one of the key design features of the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. This will offer automotive manufacturers and their suppliers significantly more flexibility and scalability than classic platforms have so far and is just one of the reasons why SYSGO will be a significant participant in the development of AUTOSAR Adaptive.

“AUTOSAR partitions have always been supported by SYSGO’s solution PikeOS. Becoming a member of the AUTOSAR consortium gives us the opportunity to contribute to the development of AUTOSAR Adaptive, right at the forefront”, comments Franz Walkembach, VP Marketing & Product Strategy at SYSGO AG. “European manufacturers and their suppliers, in particular, consider AUTOSAR support a must-have. Active participation in the continuous development of the Adaptive Platform will allow us to provide fast, comprehensive support for this new technology.”

Since January 2018, SYSGO has been working closely in a joint venture with Vector Informatik, a Stuttgart-based company, to further the development of an AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. This integrated software platform is essentially based on the separation kernel and hypervisor used in SYSGO’s PikeOS and the MICROSAR AUTOSAR Adaptive basic software from Vector.


SYSGO has been offering operating systems and services for embedded systems since 1991 and with ELinOS it is a pioneer in the use of Linux in the embedded market. For applications where security is critical, the company has been offering Hypervisor PikeOS since 2005, which is now the world’s first SIL 4 certified operating system for multicore processors and the foundation for intelligent devices in the Internet of Things. SYSGO is the leading European operating system manufacturer and supports customers like Samsung, Airbus, Thales and Continental in the formal certification of software according to international standards for functional security and IT security in markets such as aerospace and defence, industrial automation, automotive, railway engineering, medical technology and network infrastructure. SYSGO is part of the European Thales Group, has branch offices in Germany, France, the Czech Republic and the UK, and maintains a worldwide sales network.

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