• The Eclectic Engineer

    The Eclectic Engineer

    Better 5G with AI?
    Published. November 19, 2018

    5G is expected to reduce latency further and increase throughput by 1000 times over 4G. 5G, as an aggregation of a patchwork of technologies, should exploit AI to create intelligent 5G networks....

  • EECatalog - Gears of Resistance

    EECatalog - Gears of Resistance

    Demystifying Firmware Debugging
    Published. September 11, 2018

    Debugging embedded systems and associated firmware can be more art than science. Is the problem in hardware or is it in software? Both? The ability to understand what’s going inside the processor at any given moment is key to troubleshooting. The difficulty in achieving this deep is understanding is compounded for systems integrators that are... The post Demystifying Firmware Debugging appeared first on Gears of Resistance....

  • IoT@Intel


    Data Drives Design – Conversations in IoT Architectural Design
    Published. September 12, 2018

    In 2015, there were 15.41 billion connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices around the world. By 2020, just two years from now, that number will nearly double to 30.73 billion.1 Manufacturing, healthcare, and insurance are the top three industries that have the most to gain from IoT.2 Dealing with the data from these devices has [...] Read More... The post Data Drives Design – Conversations in IoT Architectural Design appeared first on IoT@Intel....

  • SecureRF's IoT Security Blog

    SecureRF's IoT Security Blog

    Critical IoT Security Issues in the News
    Published. September 4, 2018

    As the number of IoT sensors and devices increases, so does the number and variety of threats to the networks they are connected to. Given the fact that many of these devices are not properly secured, security failures are almost inevitable. But the consequences of such access might be larger than what we previously imagined.… The post Critical IoT Security Issues in the News appeared first on SecureRF....

  • Code with Dan

    Code with Dan

    ngAir Podcast: Containerizing Angular Apps with Docker
    Published. September 11, 2018

    I had the opportunity to chat with Justin, Bonnie, Alyssa, and Austin about Angular and Docker on the ngAir podcast recently and really enjoyed talking with everyone. We talked about the benefits of containers from a developer and DevOps standpoint, how to create custom images with Dockerfiles, how to build/push/pull images, and how to run […]...

  • Cars That Think

    Cars That Think

    Auto Consultant Lawrence Burns Dishes the Dirt on Waymo
    Published. August 28, 2018

    Burns's book "Autonomy" offers an insider's take on Google's self-driving car spinoff...

  • Institute for Medical Engineering & Science

    Institute for Medical Engineering & Science

    Even on standardized diet, gut flora change from day to day
    Published. September 10, 2018

    Researchers are only beginning to understand how the gut microbiome – the vital community of microorganisms that live in our intestines – interacts with our … The post Even on standardized diet, gut flora change from day to day appeared first on Institute for Medical Engineering & Science....

  • Electrical Engineers  Talk Tech

    Electrical Engineers Talk Tech

    AI and Embedded Systems: Top 5 Use Cases
    Published. July 9, 2018

    Considering the top 5 potential use cases for AI and embedded systems based on current trends and advancements in the marketplace....

  • Complete Connectivity

    Complete Connectivity

    Finding my way around
    Published. May 4, 2018

    Complete Connectivity - a new blog about making the most of a connected world. How my condition of 'Exhibition Anxiety' (having no sense of direction) can be helped with RF technology...

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