Real Intent Ships Ascent 2.0 All-in-One Automatic Verification Software

finds bugs in digital designs to improve quality before any other tools in the market, with less engineering effort

SUNNYVALE, CA–(Marketwire – March 24, 2008) – Real Intent, Inc., the leading supplier of formal verification software for electronic design, announced today that it is shipping Ascent™ 2.0 software for all-in-one automatic verification of electronic designs. Ascent 2.0 finds bugs in digital designs to improve quality before any other tools in the market, with less engineering effort. Ascent 2.0 includes both static checking (LINT) as well as sequential formal checking (FLINT), so now Ascent can replace other lint tools that check functionality.

“When meeting with our world class customer base and talking about automatic verification, one request was very important to a majority of users,” said Carol Hallett, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Real Intent. “Ascent’s users tell us that they would like an all-in-one product that performs static checking and sequential formal lint in the same package. Ascent 2.0 proves we listen to our customers and deliver.”

About Ascent

Ascent automatic verification is applied early in the electronic design cycle, even before the blocks are assembled into subunits and before simulation testbenches are developed, catching many problems earlier than ever before. Since the cost of an electronic design defect increases the closer it is found to tape-out, finding and fixing bugs early saves both money and time.

Ascent LINT is the natural evolution of Ascent to include static checks that focus on design functionality. At this time Ascent supports checks such as: Synthesis / Simulation mismatches, design flaws and structural problems, dangerous X sources, coding style issues and naming conventions. In addition we are looking to the market to see which other checks are interesting to our customer base.

Ascent FLINT is a major step forward in automatic formal verification. Its redesigned architecture is focused on automatic checks that are derived directly from the Register Transfer Level (RTL) design. Ascent is the only automatic tool which supports the Property Specification Language (PSL) and SystemVerilog Assertion (SVA) constraints which are used to model the system environment, reduce noise and increase the precision of reports.

Ascent’s FLINT sequential formal analysis identifies many critical design problems: including dead code, uninitialized memory, bus contention, floating buses, and x value propagation. Additionally, Ascent automates Finite State Machine (FSM) checks, such as unreachable FSM states, single FSM deadlock and pairwise FSM deadlock. Finally it can verify good design practices, when using case statements, by analyzing and reporting full and parallel case pragma violations.

Price & Availability

Ascent is shipping now, and replaces the company’s Implied Intent Verification software. The price starts at $29,500 for a one year term license. Existing customers on active maintenance receive Ascent 2.0 at no charge.

About Real Intent

Real Intent is extending breakthrough formal technology to critical problems encountered by design and verification teams worldwide. Real Intent’s products dramatically improve the functional verification efficiency of leading edge application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), system-on-chip (SOC), and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices. Over 40 major electronics design houses, including AMD, nVidia and NEC Electronics use Real Intent software.

Real Intent is headquartered at 505 North Mathilda Avenue, Suite 210, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, phone: (408) 830-0700 fax: (408) 737-1962, web:, e-mail:

Contact Information

Real Intent

990 Almanor Ave
Suite 220
Sunnyvale,, CA , 94070

tele: 408-830-0700
fax: 408-737-1962

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