Mixel first to market with Unified MIPI/MDDI PHY IP solution

MIPI/MDDI unified PHY IP solution available from Mixel® Inc.

San Jose, CA — December 9, 2009 — Mixel® Inc., the leader in mobile Mixed-Signal IP, announced today the availability of the first MIPI/MDDI unified PHY IP solution.  The IP combines a MIPI D-PHY compliant with revision 1.0 of the MIPI standard, with an MDDI-PHY compliant with revision 1.2 of the MDDI standard.

Mixel is the only IP provider that offers the MDDI PHY, which was introduced in November 2006, and was the first IP provider to offer the MIPI D-PHY back in November 2007. Mixel continues to build on a tradition of being first-to-market with innovative mixed-signal solutions for the low-power, high-performance mobile market.

“We see a definite increase in MIPI and MDDI market traction with our IP offering. Last quarter we closed several MIPI/MDDI licenses in such a short time. Several of our many MIPI Licensees have already integrated Mixel’s MDDI IP PHY in the same product.” said Ashraf Takla, Mixel President and CEO. “We are delighted that one of our new customers, a multi-billion dollar global company, is now integrating our innovative MIPI/MDDI unified PHY IP into their product.” He added.

This unique solution gives Mixel’s customers and their end-customers a big advantage by reducing the chip area, reducing the number of package pins, reducing the number of leads on the flex foil, and minimizing time-to-product qualification. The module manufacturers using Mixel’s customers’ ICs integrating the Mixel IP only need to qualify one product that addresses both the MIPI and MDDI markets. That results in substantial time and cost savings. It also gives the end customer the flexibility to effortlessly transition back and forth between the two standards as market demands shift.

“The trend is clear. MIPI standard is gaining momentum. In the last couple of years, the number of MIPI alliance members nearly doubled to 180 members.” said Randy Lawson, Senior Analyst of iSuppli Corporation. “As a leader in the embedded IP space for these new high performance interface standards, Mixel is well positioned to take advantage of the growing adoption of MIPI support within portable communications products.” He added.

The experience that Mixel has gained in the last 3 years in the MDDI and MIPI PHY market, working with many customers some of which have transferred, or in the process of transferring their chips to production, has resulted in 2nd and 3rd generation Mixel IP with optimized power, area, BIST (Built-in-test), and a track-record of success.

About Mixel

Mixel is the leader in mixed-signal mobile IPs and offers wide portfolio of high performance mixed-signal connectivity IP solutions. Mixel’s mixed-signal portfolio includes PHYs and SerDes (suitable for PCI Express, SATA, EPON, XAUI, Fiber Channel, DDR, and LVDS), Mobile PHYs (MIPI® D-PHY, M-PHYSM, and MDDI), general purpose Transceivers, and high performance PLL and DLL IP cores. For more information contact Mixel at or visit

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Mixel, Inc.

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tele: 408-436-8500

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