Mixel Gains Momentum with MIPI M-PHY IP

Mixel announces multiple MIPI M-PHY IP customer wins

San Jose, CA — December 14, 2010 — Mixel® Inc., the leader in mobile Mixed-Signal Intellectual Property (IP), announced today that it continues to gain traction with its MIPI MPHY SM offering by adding one more licensee to its growing list of MIPI PHY customers. Earlier this year, Mixel was the first Intellectual Property (IP) vendor to announce its support of the MIPI® Alliance M-PHY. Mixel’s M-PHY IP supports both TYPE I and TYPE II operation, A and B data rates, and all current MIPI M-PHY use-cases, such as DigRF v4, Unipro 1.4, CSI-3, LLI, and UFS. The MXL-MIPI-M-PHY-HSG2 supports High-Speed (HS) Gear1 (G1) and Gear2 (G2), as well as Low-Speed Gear 0 (LS-G0) through LS-G7. By supporting HS operation up to G2 and all LS modes of operations allowed by the M-PHY specifications, the Mixel MPHY IP supports data rates that cover an unprecedented 3 decades of data rates from 3Mbps all the way up to and beyond 3Gbps.

“Earlier this year Mixel announced our partnership with GraphinTM of Japan to support the MIPI M-PHY ecosystem. This announcement demonstrates the fruits of that partnership.” said Ashraf Takla, Mixel President and CEO. “Mixel’s M-PHY IP uses Mixel’s 3rd generation CDR/PHY technology which we have perfected over the last decade, to minimize power, attain higher performance, and boost testability features, while maximizing robustness and yield,” he added.

Mixel was first to introduce silicon-proven D-PHY IP back in 2008, and with the M_PHY, continues a long tradition of being first to market with innovative, highly differentiated, lowpower, high-performance mixed-signal IP targeted towards mobile applications.

“MIPI proliferation continues to accelerate. Our membership now stands at over 200 members. Developing a robust MIPI ecosystem is a key to the MIPI Alliance’s success, and IP vendors are an integral part of this ecosystem.” said Joel Huloux, Chairman of the MIPI Alliance. “Mixel has consistently played a leadership position in supporting this ecosystem,” he added.

The M-PHY has many features and configurable modes, such as TYPE I vs. TYPE II, high amplitude vs. low-amplitude, HS vs. LS (each with a number of gears and corresponding data rates), A vs. B data rates within each gear, variable number of data lanes, variable number of links and sub-links, and a large and growing number of use-cases. To effectively address this wide range of configurations, Mixel employs a unique “legorithmic” approach, which enables it to effectively develop efficient, shrink-wrapped MIPI IP, based on its silicon-proven building blocks.

About Mixel
Mixel is the leader in mixed-signal mobile IPs and offers a wide portfolio of high-performance mixed-signal connectivity IP solutions. Mixel’s mixed-signal portfolio includes PHYs and SerDes, such as Mobile PHYs (MIPI® D-PHY, M-PHYSM, DigRF, and MDDI), general purpose Transceivers, and high-performance PLL and DLL IP cores. For more information contact Mixel at or visit

About The MIPI Alliance

MIPI Alliance is a global, collaborative organization comprised of companies that span the mobile ecosystem and are committed to defining and promoting interface specifications for mobile devices. MIPI Specifications establish standards for hardware and software interfaces which drive new technology and enable faster deployment of new features and services.

Contact Information

Mixel, Inc.

97 East Brokaw Road, Suite 250
San Jose, CA, 95112

tele: 408-436-8500

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