Mixel and Graphin Demonstrate World’s First End-to-End Video Transmission Using M-PHY Link

Mixel co-demonstrates five different MIPI products with six of its MIPI customers
and partners in MIPI face-to-face meeting in Seoul, Korea

San Jose, CA — March 9th, 2012—Mixel®, the leader in mobile mixed-signal intellectual property (IP) and Graphin, a leader in evaluation hardware and software for image sensors, announced today that they have achieved the world’s first end-to-end video transmission over a MIPI® M-PHY link. In 2010, the two companies announced a strategic partnership to address the emerging M-PHY and to produce a “Golden M-PHY” IC to be used in Graphin’s evaluation system. As a result of that collaboration, Mixel achieved first-silicon success with its M-PHY test chip supporting all use cases, and was the first and only IP provider to demonstrate that capability in the MIPI face-to-face meeting in Copenhagen in June 2011. The companies will now be demonstrating end-to-end video transmission using the Mixel chip in the MIPI Alliance face-to-face meeting in Seoul, Korea on March 13th.

“We are excited that our collaboration with Mixel is paying off, not only for us but also for the entire MIPI Ecosystem,” said Kurosawa-san, President of Graphin. “This milestone was achieved because of the solid cooperation between the two companies. We are looking forward to using the M-PHY chip in our own MIPI test equipment, as we move forward with Mixel to volume production.”

Mixel’s M-PHY IP supports both TYPE I and TYPE II operation, A and B data rates, and all current and future MIPI M-PHY use-cases, such as DigRF v4, UniProSM 1.4, CSI-3, LLI, and JEDEC’s UFS. The MXL-MIPI-M-PHY-HSG2 supports High-Speed (HS) Gear1 (G1), Gear2 (G2), as well as Low-Speed Gear 0 (LS-G0) through LS-G7. The IP supports 1.0 version of the M-PHY specifications, and has been silicon proven for over a year now.

Mixel provides its customers with a complete MIPI solution, including the PHY, controllers, and MIPI platform that combines Mixel’s daughter card incorporating Mixel’s silicon-proven D-PHY or M-PHY with an off-the-shelf FPGA board that integrates the PHY RTL with controller RTL.

“Mixel continues to lead the MIPI IP market for both D-PHY and M-PHY applications,” said Ashraf Takla, Mixel President and CEO. “The ecosystem partnerships that we have worked hard over many years to cultivate and nurture are proving to be keys to our success in the mobile market. The many demonstrations that Mixel is playing a key role in at the MIPI face-to-face meeting in Seoul are testament to that success.”

Besides demonstrating the world’s first end-to-end video transmission using M-PHY, Mixel will be demonstrating its D-PHY CSI, D-PHY DSI, and M-PHY products in multiple platforms, with a number of its Mixel’s MIPI Central partners, such as Agilent, Enhanced Chip Technology, Evantronix, Graphin, Northwest Logic, Tektronix, and VLSI+ at the same event.

“We are delighted to see the large number of demonstrations supporting the various MIPI specifications that Mixel has at the March 2012 MIPI face-to-face meeting in Seoul, Korea,” said Joel Huloux, president and chairman, MIPI Alliance. “It is particularly gratifying to see that M-PHY is now a reality after many years of hard work by a large number of contributing companies.”

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tele: 408-436-8500

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