Managing Variability + making good designs even better


Cell library owners and designers are always looking for ways to improve power, speed, density and yield. This has never been easy but now that integrated circuits are approaching the atomistic level, intrinsic variations are becoming more abundant, leading to lower production yields and higher failure rates. It’s getting harder all the time.

What’s needed is a new approach to generating and selecting the very best design options – novel circuit design methodologies and device architectures that accommodate the increased variability of individual device characteristics.

At DATE 2012, ngenics is proud to launch its new MOTIVATED™ automated and scalable, multi-objective cell design technology platform.

MOTIVATED™ optimises standard performance measures such as speed and power, as well as addressing the issues of variability. Built on multi-objective bio-inspired algorithms, variability models, circuit simulators and high performance computing, MOTIVATED™ generates multiple designs that are optimal across a number of parameters (e.g. best for delay and best for power, all variability aware, in one design execution). MOTIVATED™ is automated and highly scalable, the degree of optimisation is determined by the number of design generations explored and driven solely by the CPU hours applied.

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