Automating embedded software testing with Electric Cloud

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The problem comes in when you are not a software-centric company. The 2012 UBM Embedded Market Survey showed that, for the first time, QA engineers are becoming a significant portion of embedded software teams, and while the quality of debugging tools is still the top area for improvement, engineers seem to be getting more confident with what is available. However, the size of those teams is, in general, dropping all of which makes hitting schedules on time the greatest challenge for those teams.

According to Dax Harfang at Electric Cloud, those pressures are even greater in hardware-centric companies who would rather not make a large investment in software QA, especially smaller companies that may be using resources around the world. Farhang stated that "homegrown" approaches are hard to manage, can be very slow, and often lack documentation that a distributed team can access. "Development teams need to address "back end" software production processes to save time, improve product quality and deliver software to market faster." New Tech Press talked with Harfang about meeting automating embedded test at the 2012 Design West Conference in San Jose. Video sponsored by Element14.

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