Power and Reliability Sign-off

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    November - 2014

    July - 2014

    • Why Don't Software Programmers like Comments?

      Cristian Amitroaie, CEO of Amiq, talks with John Blyler about Specador, a automated HTML documentation tool for chip design and verification engineers. This tool generates meaningful documentation even from poorly documented source code, as it actually compiles the code and can generate cross-link class inheritance trees, design hierarchies, and diagrams. The need for this functionality lead to an interesting discussion about the software programming process and why programmers rarely document their own work.

    June - 2014

    April - 2014

    • Imec’s mm Wave Motion Sensing Technology

      Motion sensing applications with mm wave technology at Imec is the topic of this interview between Liesbet Van der Perre, Imec Program Director of Wireless Communication, and John Blyler, VP and CCO at Extension Media.

    December - 2013

    June - 2013

    • Code integration facilitates chip innovation

      Chip Design's John Blyler interviews Cristian Amitroaie, CEO of AMIQ ( on the importance of code integration and the Eclipse platform At the Design Automation Conference in Austin, Texas.

    • Collaboration is the key to chip innovation

      In our third interview at the Design Automation Conference in Austin, Texas, John Blyler of Chip Design Magazine talks with Dennis Bibeau of Infotech about the importance of collaboration across all disciplines in achieving innovative chip design.

    • Innovating with Statistical Analysis

      In our first interview at the Design Automation Conference in Austin, Texas, John Blyler talks with Zhihong Lu of Proplus ( about the problems and potential of innovation in chip design through statistical analysis.

    • RTL Signoff turns competitive

      In our fourth interview this week at the Design Automation Conference in Austin, Texas, EiC John Blyler of Chip Design talks with Mike Gianfagna, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Atrenta, about the growing competition and advances in RTL Signoff.

    November - 2012

    September - 2012

    August - 2012

    July - 2012

    • KLA-Tencor 450mm-Capable Surfscan® SP3 Systems

      At Semicon West 2012 KLA-Tencor Corporation (NASDAQ: KLAC) talked with New Tech Press about new installations of the Surfscan® SP3 450, the first process control systems capable of handling and inspecting 450mm wafers. Marketing division head Amir Azordegan siad the system is a precursor for the industry wide acceptance of 450mm process development. He claimed the Surfscan SP3 450 delivers critical capability for manufacturers of 450mm process equipment, such as wet clean tools, CMP pads, slurries and polishers, film deposition tools and annealing systems. KLA-Tencor has received multiple orders for the tool and shipped six.

    • Chipmakers Adopt Cymer’s SmartPulse™

      New Tech Press sat down with Nigel Farrar, vice president of marketing and lithography Technology for Cymer, Inc.(Nasdaq: CYMI) to talk about the prospects of extreme UV process adoption, as well as new products including the SmartPulse™ data management tool, and focus drilling technology for ArF immersion light sources.

    • Chris Mack goes deep (UV)

      With all the excitement at Semicon West 2012 about the move to 450mm wafer manufacturing, New Tech Press decided to call up the Lithoguru, Chris Mack, to get a reality check on the news. As usual, Dr. Mack was more circumspect than excited. Mack was vice president of lithography technology for KLA-Tencor. before “retiring” to write, teach and consult in the field of semiconductor lithography. He has trained more than 2,000 lithographers from over 200 different companies around the world, and is an adjunct faculty member in the Electrical and Computer Engineering and Chemical Engineering Departments of the University of Texas at Austin. In January 2012 he become Editor-In-Chief of the Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS (JM3).

    • Power and Reliability Sign-off

      Power and Reliability Sign-off Using RedHawk and Totem in GlobalFoundries Advanced 28nm Low Power Process

    • "New Verdi³ and the Verdi Interoperability Apps (VIA)", Mark Milligan, VP of Marketing, Springsoft

      Mark Milligan, VP of Marketing at Springsoft, speaks with Graham Bell from Real Intent about the new Verdi³ debug environment and the VIA exchange for the integration of verification tools from partners such as Real Intent. The interview took place at the Real Intent DAC 2012 booth in San Francisco in early June.

    • “What is Driving Lint Usage in Complex SOCs?”, Jim Foley, R&D Manager, Real Intent

      Jim Foley, R&D manager at Real Intent speaks with Graham Bell regarding what is driving RTL lint usage in Complex SOCs. This interview took place at the Real Intent DAC 2012 booth in San Francisco, CA in early June.