ClioSoft Debuts SOS Design Data Management Platform v7.0

Demonstrating a faster, smarter, stronger version of SOS

ClioSoft, Inc., a leader in system-on-chip (SoC) design data and intellectual property (IP) management solutions for the semiconductor design industry, has released version 7.0 of its SOS design data and enterprise IP management platform.

SOS7 builds on the 18-year success of the EDA industry’s most widely-installed design data and enterprise IP management solution for analog, RF, digital and mixed-signal designs. Integrated with all major design flows, SOS enables local or globally-dispersed design teams to build, manage, and collaborate on designs and to improve design reuse within an enterprise while maintaining the integrity of the design data. SOS provides integrated revision control, release and derivative management, and issue tracking interfaces to commonly-used bug tracking systems, making it easier for designers to manage their design data through a tightly integrated interface to all traditional EDA tools. Support for different work models makes it suitable to manage all design data from concept through GDSII and mitigates the possibility of design re-spins due to incorrect configurations.

SOS7 provides performance improvements of up to 30x faster than previous versions. With remote design centers becoming a mainstay for development of SoC designs, SOS7 uses hyper streaming data transport (HSDT) technology to keep the design data at all remote sites in sync while ensuring fast and efficient use of available bandwidth between the sites. For remote sites, SOS7 improves the performance by enabling faster queries and operations while enhancing data caching to provide quicker access to design data. Counter-intuitively, the more remote the site, the better the improvement.

SOS7 provides enhancements to a number of features, including:
• Improved scalability to easily support more users and data traffic.
• Improved reliability by providing repository hot backup, easily balancing of load to accommodate more users, and better fault tolerance.
• Data compactness to ensure smaller repositories.
• Faster creation of work areas.
• Better reporting infrastructure.
• Better usability.

SOS7 is completely downward compatible with earlier SOS versions and contains all the robustness and features of previous versions while providing chip designers with an even faster and smarter product.
“High performance, robustness, ease-of-use and the best functionality for multi-site design teams has always been our aim at ClioSoft,” said Srinath Anantharaman, founder and CEO of ClioSoft. “SOS7 combines the best of previous versions with new features that customers have been asking for, and remains the only design management platform supporting all types of designs: digital, analog, RF and mixed-signal.”

For a demonstration of the new SOS7, contact ClioSoft, Inc. at

About ClioSoft

ClioSoft, Inc. is the pioneer in the field of SoC design configuration management and enterprise IP management solutions for the semiconductor industry. Built exclusively for hardware design engineers, with flexibility to adapt to complex flows, ease of use and robustness as the main drivers, ClioSoft’s SOS Design Collaboration Platform empowers design teams located at multiple sites to collaborate efficiently on complex RF, analog, digital and mixed-signal designs. Using SOS, design teams can streamline the development of complex SoC designs from design specification to tapeout by efficiently sharing and managing their design data across different design centers using a distributed, fault-tolerant architecture. To handle the requirements of complex SoC design flows, the SOS platform is integrated with major EDA flows — Cadence’s Virtuoso® technology, Keysight Technologies’ Advanced Design System (ADS), Mentor Graphic’s Pyxis Custom IC Design, Synopsys’ Galaxy Custom Designer® and Laker3™ Custom Design.

The sole objective of ClioSoft’s collaborative IP management solution is to improve design reuse within a company. ClioSoft helps semiconductor companies catalog and manage internal and third-party IPs, providing an easy-to-use administration and user cockpit to manage the process of creating IPs and their derivatives, their lineage, IP licensing, security, and issue and defect tracking.

Contact Information

ClioSoft Inc.

39500 Stevenson Place
Suite 110
Fremont, CA, USA

tele: 1-408-496-5890
fax: 1-408-496-5890

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