Knurld Voiceprints: Reliable second factor authentication anywhere there is a microphone

Voiceprints: Strong IoT Access Security

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As the leader in robust voice biometrics, Knurld has for years provided voice biometric technology to the U.S. Government for mission critical applications. Now we are extending the same technology to the commercial market. Because it is robust in noise and across multiple device types,Knurld provides a high level of usability. With many other end-point security measures on the market, why would you choose to use Knurld?

Knurld’s Unique Technology
When working with IoT apps that control remote access or secure sensitive information or transactions, security experts agree that standard passwords and PINs are not particularly effective. This is especially true when users don’t choose “secure” passwords. According to SplashData, the most popular passwords in 2015 were 123456 and password.

By integrating Knurld voiceprints into your applications, you can add security that can’t be hacked and always remains secure.

As a developer, you need to be able to integrate cutting-edge features into your applications quickly and easily with the assurance these features will just work. Knurld makes that possible with a suite of APIs that let you add speech automation as a way to actively authenticate users and offer more security than any other means of authentication.

What is a Voiceprint?
Knurld creates a voiceprint for each user. The timbre of every person’s voice is one of a kind, making every voiceprint unique. While two people can speak or sing at the same volume or in the same pitch, no two voices can sound exactly the same.

Voiceprints are created when users register and record samples of their voice. They are digital representations of these vocal metrics. The voiceprints are stored in the authenticating system- the Knurld cloud – and the voiceprints themselves are secured by storing them in pieces and encrypting each piece upon creation. Even if the system were hacked, even an expert with knowledge of the internal system would find it difficult to ever piece an individual’s voiceprint together. Additionally, voiceprints cannot be reverse engineered back into a voice. When users need to access their account to complete a transaction and/or access their sensitive information, they speak the passphrases as prompted. Once Knurld determines it’s a match, the user is allowed or denied access.

Why a Voiceprint?
There are several good reasons to choose voiceprints over fingerprints or facial recognition:

  1. Breadth of usability – microphones are cheap and built into more devices.
  2. There is no need for special equipment, such as a fingerprint reader.
  3. Most importantly, voiceprints are fundamentally more secure.

Why Voiceprints are More Secure Than Fingerprints or Facial Recognition
Knurld’s fixed phrase authentication incorporates not just static voice characteristics, but also something the user does by pronouncing specific words, it is unique among the other alternatives such as fingerprint, facial, or iris biometrics. If the unthinkable happens and user audio or voiceprints are stolen, the user merely needs to record a new set of words and security is re–established. Because a user’s fingerprint, facial characteristics or eye pattern never change without physical alteration such as surgery, those identity elements are vulnerable to theft forever and there is no recovery.

We invite you to register free for our first Knurld Voice Hackathon!
Unleash your creativity and see the breadth of imaginative uses for our technology. You’ll experience the ease with which you can integrated Knurld into your apps. Leave the speech processing to us and focus on giving your users the best possible experience. You’ll have peace of mind that your users information is secure. Anywhere there is a microphone, you’ll have second factor authentication for your users.

To try the first of Knurld’s voice authentication products or to stay informed of upcoming product releases, you can go to the following: is a business unit of KnuEdge Corporation, based in San Diego, California. Knurld is the leader in robust voice biometric solutions for mobile, web and IoT applications.

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