MicroEJ at IoT DevCon: Bridging the Gap between the Internet and IoT Worlds

Demonstrating IoT solutions and presenting MicroEJ® OS for IoT, embedded and wearable devices

The world of IoT, embedded and wearable devices has created new user expectations and developer requirements. MicroEJ’s comprehensive IoT solution portfolio – MicroEJ Application Store, MicroEJ Studio, MicroEJ SDK, and MicroEJ OS – meets these challenges by enabling application-driven uses and business models on low-cost, resource-constrained embedded and IoT devices. At IoT DevCon on May 25-26, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, CA, MicroEJ will demonstrate their IoT solution suite and give a presentation on the need for operating systems dedicated to IoT, embedded and wearable devices.

MicroEJ solutions combine the techniques, methods and tools that drove the PC and mobile Internet software industry with the complex technical foundations of embedded systems (fragmented processor architectures and diverse hardware-dependent software). MicroEJ OS is a scalable operating system for resource-constrained embedded, IoT and wearable devices. It is optimized for the wide range of IoT hardware architectures and enables device manufacturers to deliver differentiating firmware using MicroEJ Workbench tools.

MicroEJ Studio allows application developers to write applications and publish them to a MicroEJ Application Store from which they can be downloaded by owners/users of MicroEJ-ready devices (i.e., devices running MicroEJ OS). With MicroEJ solutions, OEMs use proven methods that cut software development time and cost. They create software that delivers incredible user experience and adjusts to the Internet business needs.

At 9:00 on Thursday, May 26th, Vincent Perrier, Chief Products Officer at MicroEJ, will give a presentation in the Application Development Frameworks track at IoT DevCon.

Presentation: “Why the Need for Special Operating Systems for IoT and Wearable Devices?”

Abstract:  IoT device manufacturers must cope with constraints (e.g., small footprint, low-power) while addressing the large scale of the Internet (rapid project pace, interoperability, large app developer communities). This encompasses delivering smartphone-like capabilities on microcontroller-based hardware. This also involves creating software that delivers incredible user experience and adjusts to business needs. Operating systems are essential foundations to enable IoT devices. Traditional embedded RTOS solutions may not address IoT challenges and mobile OS solutions cannot shrink to match IoT constraints. This session bridges the gap between the Internet and embedded worlds, and shows how to leverage proven methods used by PC and mobile developers for the technical and cost- constrained IoT.

IoT DevCon is the only conference and exhibition dedicated to the implementation of IoT technology in embedded systems. To meet with executives of the company and for a demonstration of MicroEJ IoT solutions, please visit Booth #4.

About MicroEJ

MicroEJ® is an independent software vendor of cost-driven solutions for the smart digital world. With more than $20M of R&D investment, MicroEJ is focused on providing turnkey software products to solve the embedded world’s major business challenges and to enable application-driven uses and services in the IoT world commensurate with the cost and resource constraints of that world. MicroEJ helps OEMs create flexible and future-proof smart devices, brings rich user experiences, and enables additional sources of revenue across the whole value chain, from sensor data collection to cloud-based services.

MicroEJ has experienced strong and steady growth in a large variety of industries, including home automation, consumer and wearables, communications, smart energy, smart transportation, healthcare, industrial automation, and smart building. MicroEJ has offices in France (Nantes & Paris), in Germany (Munich), and in the US (Austin, TX). The company’s global network of partners includes semiconductor manufacturers, providers of electronic components, and embedded systems experts. Today, more than 200 companies worldwide trust MicroEJ for their embedded systems.

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