SecureRF to Demonstrate Secure IoT Sensor and Connectivity Platform, Advanced Credentialing Solution at Sensors Expo 2016

SecureRF today announced that it will demonstrate its recently-revealed multi-protocol LIME Tag™ MY01 sensor and connectivity platform at this week’s Sensors Expo 2016—the largest U.S. conference and technology exhibition dedicated exclusively to sensors and sensorintegrated technology. SecureRF will be at booth 1029.

The latest version of LIME Tag, MY01, features a modular design that allows users to easily and quickly assemble the solution they need. The MY01 has Global System for Mobile communication (GSM), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), classic Bluetooth, and Near Field Communications (NFC) radios, optional temperature sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, ambient light sensor, and more than 7 MB of storage. In addition to supporting SMS, the MY01 offers GPS functions for location-based services. The tag has an optional 240 x 240 pixel (1.5 x 1.5 inch) color touchscreen display. The base model, with GSM, BLE and battery is available for just $44 each in small quantities, and fully-featured LIME Tags with touchscreen are $215 each, making strong security economically feasible for many applications.

A security Software Development Kit, smartphone app, and supporting infrastructure are available for easy customization and fast deployment. Data and messaging to and from the tag can be managed through Veridify®, SecureRF’s secure cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) service platform, which also includes tools to link data collection with third-party systems. All LIME Tags deliver strong security with SecureRF’s Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) and file
protection solutions.

SecureRF’s exhibition will also feature its updated LIME Tag NX01 that delivers one of the most advanced credentialing solutions available today. The NX01 features a Public-Key authentication protocol for identification and authentication that can be used without network connectivity. It includes onboard file protection with a symmetric encryption engine to securely move data on and off the smartcard.

“Securing the growing types of sensors and low-resource devices deployed in the Internet of Things is a significant challenge,” stated SecureRF CEO, Louis Parks. “Sensors Expo provides users with a unique opportunity to see demonstrations of our Public-Key Security solutions for 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit processors running NFC, BLE, and RFID devices, and speak with our IoT security experts. Together with our smartphone apps, secure cloud dashboard, software development kits, and tools, LIME Tags enable rapid deployment and deliver critical security and privacy.”

LIME Tags are designed to fit a wide range of commercial, consumer, and defense applications, where people, devices, and products need to be securely monitored and authenticated. Sensors and tags are available to address cold chain management, supply chain security, machine-tomachine, credentialing, and anti-counterfeiting, and are available in a variety of physical forms including inlays, smartcards, or chips for easy integration into existing products, labels or tags. LIME Tags can also collect critical sensor data like temperature, humidity, and shock.

About SecureRF

SecureRF Corporation uniquely offers computationally efficient and very strong security for the Internet of Things. The company’s security solutions, based on Public-Key cryptography, can be licensed for passive, battery-assisted, and active tags, wireless sensors, and embedded platforms including FPGAs, Microcontrollers, and ASICs. Applications include non-traditional payment systems, high-value supply chain management, cold chain management, and anticounterfeiting applications in the pharmaceutical, consumer, defense, and homeland security sectors. Under the Veridify® banner, the company delivers a comprehensive cloud-based IoT solution for quickly and easily giving devices and products a secure place in the Internet of Things. For more information, please contact us at More information about SecureRF can be found at

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Shelton, CT, 06484

tele: 1 203.227.3151
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