Microfabrica Presents New FINJET™ Thermal Management Design at SEMI-THERM 33

Microfabrica, the world leader in Advanced Additive Manufacturing, presented performance results from their novel FINJET™ thermal management device at the SEMI-THERM 33rd Annual Symposium & Exhibit on March 15, 2017 in San Jose, CA. SEMI-THERM is an international forum dedicated to the exchange of information on the latest advances in electronics thermal management.

Thermal issues are one of the key factors limiting the performance and reliability of state of the art integrated circuits. The FINJET thermal management device combines the advantages of both micro-channels and micro-jets to achieve extraordinary cooling performance. This device demonstrated a thermal conductance of 296 kW/m2K which allowed it to cool a surface with a heat flux of 1.3kW/cm2 while maintaining a temperature of 65°C. These results outperform current solutions in the market and are superior to the best theoretical technologies in the literature.

“Microfabrica has demonstrated use of innovative approaches with additive manufacturing to create new formats for thermal management solutions that can offer exceptional performance,” stated Dave Saums, a member of the steering committee for SEMI THERM 33. “Their fabrication technology platform opens up new design opportunities that cannot easily be realized with conventional technologies.”

The FINJET design is available to development partners who are pushing the thermal limits of chip design and require high performance thermal management solutions.

Like 3D Printing, Microfabrica can produce complex three dimensional structures, with moving parts, in layers, directly from a digital model. Unlike 3D Printing, Microfabrica leverages the semiconductor manufacturing paradigm, enabling them to produce high precision, micro-scale metal devices in commercial volumes. These complex structures and mechanisms require no assembly and are fabricated monolithically by Microfabrica.

Details regarding the SEMI-THERM 33rd Annual Symposium & Exhibit can be found at For more information on Microfabrica please visit us at

About Microfabrica

Microfabrica is at the forefront of the continuous drive to innovation. By integrating the flexibility of 3D printing with the precision of advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes, the company designs and builds robust microscale solutions that enable new levels of product innovation. Market leaders in aerospace, medical, and electronics industries rely on Microfabrica’s unique technology to deliver breakthrough products, reduce their time to market, and gain a dramatic competitive edge. For more information, please visit

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