Global Semiconductor Silicon Wafer Market – Competitive Analysis and Forecast by Technavio

According to the ‘Global Semiconductor Silicon Wafer Market 2017-2021’ market study released by Technavio, the global semiconductor silicon wafer market is expected to reach USD 8.32 billion by 2021.

The growth in silicon wafer shipments in terms of area is correlated with the growth in semiconductor components that act as building blocks for a variety of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, gaming consoles, and home appliances. Thus, the growing demand for electronic chip fabrication materials due to the widespread proliferation of consumer electronic devices is driving the demand for silicon wafers. Also, the increased use of semiconductor components in the automotive, industrial, and healthcare industries will lead to high growth opportunities for the vendors in the global semiconductor silicon wafer market.

The top three application segments for the global semiconductor silicon wafer market are discussed below:

Consumer electronics
The consumer electronics segment includes smartphones, tablets, phablets, refrigerators, ACs, TVs, home theaters, and washing machines. It also includes wearable technology such as smart watches and fitness gadgets. With the introduction of smartphones, which were quickly adopted by masses, the demand for better-powered and smaller-sized ICs scaled up.

According to Sunil Kumar Singh, a lead semiconductor equipment research analyst from Technavio, “Consumer electronic products have transformed substantially in recent times with vendors introducing new age electronic gadgets with smart features including touch displays, keypads, in-built memory-based appliances, and automated coffee machines. After these developments, the need for silicon wafers has become more evident as they are used in almost all the home appliances.”

The computers segment includes the sales of PCs and laptops. The PC market has been witnessing fluctuations in demand lately. The growth rate of portable electronics including smartphones, phablets, and other devices picked up pace, while the traditional computer systems suffered a fluctuating demand. The growing popularity of mobile devices and the reduced demand for traditional computers have led to the stagnant contribution and the declining growth rate of the computers segment.

Implementing changes or upgrading products in the Industrial sector involve a much longer cycle time in comparison to other end-user segments. Industrial (manufacturing) applications include an extensive use of silicon wafers in motor control units, power supplies, lighting, welding devices, and e-bikes. This is because devices such as IGBTs and thyristors are both efficient and light in weight.

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