SYSGO and Lauterbach consolidate their partnership

The two German manufacturers SYSGO and Lauterbach have signed a co-marketing agreement, expanding their partnership of 15 years. The objective is to provide common clients that use Lauterbach’s debugging tools from the TRACE32® family together with SYSGO’s real-time operating system PikeOS® with even better support and to mutually set up new projects.

This new co-marketing agreement complements the long-term technical collaboration between the two companies, ensuring the compatibility of their various products, including release changes. Lauterbach already supports the recently unveiled PikeOS Release 4.2 on the platforms ARM, ARM64, PowerPC and X86. In addition, TRACE32 has had special functions for this real-time operating system as of PikeOS 3.3, with the result that the features of both products ideally complement each other. The hardware virtualization of PikeOS is also specifically supported by the debugging tools.

By means of mutual marketing campaigns SYSGO and Lauterbach now want to create a global presence in all branches of industry in which safety-critical embedded applications are used. On account of their synergies, the combination of the products of the two companies is particularly suitable for the development on one hardware system of consolidated applications with varying degrees of criticality. Such consolidation is increasingly in demand in the aerospace industry, automotive industry, railway industry and in the industrial Internet of things—industries in which SYSGO’s PikeOS and Lauterbach’s TRACE32 already hold strong positions on account of their scope of services.

‘The cooperation with Lauterbach has a variety of advantages for our mutual customers’, Franz Walkembach, the manager of VP Marketing & Product Strategy at SYSGO, stated. ‘On the one hand, our products complement each other very well anyway. On the other hand, we have very short communication paths and can therefore react very quickly to new and customer-specific requirements.’

‘For a customer, the combination of PikeOS and TRACE32 means significantly easier entry into development than with many other platforms’, Rudolf Dienstbeck, a system engineer for RTOS & CASE Integrations at Lauterbach, added. ‘We know PikeOS better than many other companies and are therefore able to provide ready-made scripts and templates for this environment, which can significantly accelerate development and lower the error rate.’

SYSGO has been offering operating systems and services for embedded systems since 1991 and with ELinOS it is a pioneer in the use of Linux in the embedded market. For security-critical applications, the company has been offering Hypervisor PikeOS since 2005, which today is the world’s first SIL 4 certified operating system for multicore processors and the foundation for intelligent devices in the Internet of things. SYSGO is the leading European operating systems manufacturer and supports customers like Samsung, Airbus, Thales, Continental, etc. with the formal certification of software in compliance with international standards for functional security and IT security in markets such as aerospace and defence, industrial automation, automotive, railway engineering, medical technology and network infrastructures. SYSGO belongs to the European Thales Group, has branch offices in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, the UK and the USA, and maintains a world-wide distribution network.

About Lauterbach
Lauterbach GmbH, formed in 1979, is the world’s leading manufacturer of microprocessor development systems and has enjoyed an exceptional rate of growth in this sector over many years. Through very close and long-term cooperation with all major semiconductor manufacturers, it is possible to already be able to offer a debugger at the new chip presentation stage. The development, production, distribution and support of the tools already known worldwide by the brand name ‘TRACE32’ takes place at the company’s headquarters in Hoehenkirchen near Munich. Lauterbach is an independent and privately owned company, whose registered office is in Hoehenkirchen near Munich. It has branch offices in the UK, France, Italy, Japan, Tunisia, China and on the East and West Coasts of the USA.

Contact Information


Am Pfaffenstein 14
Klein-Winternheim, 55270

tele: +49 6136 99480

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