Simulated Reality Arrives – For Some Senses

Dimenco announced its new Simulated Reality platform.

By John Blyler, Editor-in-Chief, Electronic System Design Engineering/Chip Design

At the press luncheon during Display Week 2018, Dimenco (a KDX subsidiary) introduced Simulated Reality (SR) – a framework for an immersive simulation that comes without wearables, head-mounted display or glasses.

“Users will be able to interact with simulated objects,” explained Dimenco’s CEO Maarten Tobias. “The virtual world and reality will blur.” The goal is to create an experience where the user cannot distinguish the virtual from the real.

For the demonstration at Display Week, the focus was primarily on the 3D visual portion of the virtual reality experience without any wearables attached to the body. It also featured haptic or touch technology from Ultrahaptics that allowed a user to interact with simulated objects as if they were in the real world (see Figure).

Figure: Dimenco’s proof-of-concept demonstration at Display Week 2018 highlighted plan for immersive simulations that can be experienced without wearables, head-mounted displays or glasses.

On the show floor demo, users experienced simulated reality in both sight and touch. The later was known as a mid-air (ultrasonic) haptics where the user had a sensation of touching a ball floating in space.

Simulation of the remaining senses (hearing, smell and taste) will have to wait for a few more years. All senses will be simulated when the full experience is available in 3 to 5 years, explained Tobias.

Dimenco’s announcement included the availability of a development kit and a product launch in 2019.

Originally published on JB Systems

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