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    • Can Autonomous Vehicles Absolve Human Responsibility?

      In our rush to embrace the latest technology and take advantage of whatever benefits it offers—greater convenience, higher efficiency, improved reliability, lower cost, etc.—we

    • Industrial Strength IoT

      The immediacy of edge and fog computing brings connected devices closer to the data sources. Capitalizing on this proximity, WinSystems has incorporated the Intel Atom E3900 series

    • Watching Industries Grow Up in a Hurry: Q&A with LDRA

      Following the examples of aerospace and defense, the industrial, automotive and medical markets are strengthening safety- and security-critical software development for embedded systems. Editor’s

    • Quo Vadis SPI?

      How I3C is replacing SPI and the benefits—including cost and energy savings—we can expect. The MIPI I3C interface is poised to replace the venerable serial peripheral interface