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DSPBridge Open Source DSP Development On OMAP

The DSPBridge project allows open-source developers to use the OMAP processor’s on-chip DSP with embedded Linux. The DSP support is configured as a device driver when compiling the kernel, for details see the DSPBridge Project WIKI page on OMAPpedia.org.  Sample code is included that demonstrate common tasks.  There are a few articles on DSPBridge for popular OMAP development boards;  BeagleBoard users can use the BeagleBoard/DSP Howto and for the gumstix see the article Breaking Free the Gumstix DSP in Linux Journal.  There is also an OMAP DSP Bridge project page and forum on the Texas Instruments gforge website.  You can find a number of useful PDFs including the DSP/BIOS Bridge reference guide and programming guide.  In the documentation on the TI site, they call it the DSP/BIOS Bridge from the TI DSP/BIOS real-time kernel used on the DSP.

DSP Bridge Architecture

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