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Free Introductory Signal Processing Books

Here are a few good introductory signal processing books that can be downloaded for free.  They are intended for undergraduates or professionals in engineering, math or scientific fields.

Introduction to Signal Processing by Sophocles J. Orfanidis.  From the Preface: “This book provides an applications-oriented introduction to digital signal processing written primarily for electrical engineering undergraduates. Practicing engineers and graduate students may also find it useful as a first text on the subject.”

The Scientist and Engineer’s Guide to Digital Signal Processing by Steven W. Smith.  This book has less emphasis on the mathematics of signal processing than the other books in this list.  This was by design, you can read the author’s webpage “DSP  without Complex Numbers?” for details.

Signal Processing for Communications by Paulo Prandoni and Martin Vetterli.  There is both an online HTML version and a pdf download version.  Here is an excerpt from the preface: “The present text evolved from course notes developed over a period of a dozen years teaching undergraduates the basics of signal processing for communications. The students had mostly a background in electrical engineering, computer science or mathematics, and were typically in their third year of studies at Ecole Polytechnique federale de Lausanne (EPFL), with an interest in communication systems. Thus, they had been exposed to signals and systems, linear algebra, elements of analysis (e.g. Fourier series) and some complex analysis, all of this being fairly standard in an undergraduate program in engineering sciences.”

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