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Discourse on Embedded Signal Processing is a blog about applying signal processing algorithms in embedded systems. The focus will be on implementing signal processing on general purpose DSPs, FPGAs, and microcontrollers. Topics include new processors and architectures, development tools, design flows, design techniques, and new applications.


Aaron Clarke is an Embedded Systems Consultant who has worked with start-up companies and product designers to develop consumer electronics. Before starting his own firm, Aaron worked on a variety of embedded systems projects in consumer, defense, and industrial markets. He has 20 years of experience in embedded systems, including firmware development, DSP engineering, and electronics design. He earned a B.S. Applied Mathematics and a B.S. Electrical Engineering from the University at Buffalo. He also has a patent for his work on a data acquisition system. Aaron enjoys solving the engineering challenges of designing new products and getting them to market.

In his spare time Aaron enjoys music, sports, and spending time with his family at his home in Western New York.