• Consumerization: BYOD

    Consumerization: BYOD

    Corba project in c++
    Published. April 19, 2014

    Hi, i was working on corba project using java, now i want to do it on c++. but i don't know how to compile the idl file in c++. I'm using dev-c++ for c++. So what software should i have do compile the idl file?...

  • Technology Review Feed - Energy Top Stories

    Technology Review Feed - Energy Top Stories

    The Cost of Limiting Climate Change Could Double without Carbon Capture Technology
    Published. April 18, 2014

    The economics of combating climate change may depend on an underfunded technology.When it comes to technology for averting climate change, renewable energy often gets the limelight. But a relatively neglected technology—capturing carbon dioxide from power plants—could have a far bigger impact on the economics of dealing with climate change, according to a U.N. report released earlier this week....

  • NextGenLog


    #ENERGY: "Quantum Dots Enable Windows to Harvest Solar Energy"
    Published. April 18, 2014

    The windows of the future could double as solar energy concentrators according to researchers at Los Alamos Natl. Lab which recently demonstrated a prototype: R. Colin Johnson @NextGenLogTransparent quantum-dot-impregnated window panes luminescence under ultraviolet illumination. Solar energy is collected by cadmium-selenium (CdSe) quantum dots which pass the energy to a cadmium-sulfur (CdS) inner cores which emits the light at a different wavelength thus concentrating the solar energy from the whole...

  • TI E2E Community

    TI E2E Community

    Blog Post: Pitch-perfect little logic saves your assembly
    Published. April 18, 2014

    Smaller is better, right? Not always. As our space-constrained, feature-packed applications demand smaller device packaging, all ICs are affected – including little logic. But, what typically happens when we create smaller and smaller packages for little logic ICs is that the pin pitch also gets smaller. This makes installing them on printed circuit boards terribly difficult. Manufacturing board shops are forced to change their soldering procedures to adapt to the smaller pin pitches. Not...

  • Linux and Open Source

    Linux and Open Source

    Ubuntu 14.04: Smoother than earlier versions (Gallery)
    Published. April 18, 2014

    It's smooth, pretty, and, in short, it's the nicest Ubuntu Linux desktop that's ever been....

  • Signal Integrity

    Signal Integrity

    Xilinx and Agilent DDR4 at 2400 Mb/s for JEDEC Compliance
    Published. April 18, 2014

    Video by Xilinx with Ai-Lee Grumbine demonstrating Agilent's DDR4 compliance app...

  • The Canonical Hamiltonian

    The Canonical Hamiltonian

    Unexplained Absence: An Engineer’s Cautionary Tale
    Published. April 17, 2014

    You may have noticed, (I hope at least), that I haven’t written here in a while. Here’s why. In January, we went camping during a sunny yet cool weekend in Sommerville, TX. It was nice to get outside and to … Continue reading →...

  • Electronics Engineering Video Blog Podcast

    Electronics Engineering Video Blog Podcast

    EEVblog #604 – Sinclair C5 Restoration – Part 1
    Published. April 17, 2014

    The obligatory “before” video showing Dave’s Sinclair C5 electric “car” and its poor condition before commencing restoration work....

  • EDA Blog

    EDA Blog

    Flower Technology and EnSilica collaborate on ASIC mining solutions for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin
    Published. April 17, 2014

    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are based on scrypt hashing algorithms (Lifecoin, Auroracoin, Dogecoin, and Mastercoin) are on the rise. Scrypt-based cryptocurrency ASIC mining solution start-up Flower Technologies and eSi-RISC soft processor core and encryption and peripherals company EnSilica have partnered to develop the Orchid, which boasts high hashing speed, energy efficiency, and price/performance for […]...

  • All About Microsoft

    All About Microsoft

    Microsoft highlights big-data, analytics projects at TechFair research fair
    Published. April 17, 2014

    Microsoft is highlighting some of its big-data and analytics projects at this week's TechFair research fair....

  • Gabe On EDA

    Gabe On EDA

    Carbon Design Systems Showcases New Capabilities at Freescale Technology Forum
    Published. April 17, 2014

    Carbon Design Systems Inc. (, announced that it has previewed its newly released ARM Cortex-A57 Carbon Performance Analysis Kit (CPAK) at the Freescale Technology Forum. read more...

  • Approaching Windows Embedded Intelligently

    Approaching Windows Embedded Intelligently

    Making the Internet of Things accessible with Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service
    Published. April 16, 2014

    Posted By Nayana SinghSenior Product Marketing Manager Microsoft recently announced the upcoming release of Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service. I’m excited and proud about the promise this service offers businesses investing in the Internet of Things (IoT). As a member of the Intelligent Systems Service team, I feel that we are successfully meeting a great need and will open new doors in the IoT space. Read More... Comments Internet of Things...(read more)...

  • Mocana Device Blog

    Mocana Device Blog

    Heartbleed Attack Hits Canadian Tax Office, Others
    Published. April 16, 2014

    Since last week’s disclosure of a powerful vulnerability against OpenSSL, there have been a few high-profile attacks worth noting. According to the Reuters news service criminal hackers tried to extract Canadian social insurance numbers, which are used for employment and gaining access to government benefits, from about 900 residents. 4-16-14 Update: Reuters reports that Canadian […] The post Heartbleed Attack Hits Canadian Tax Office, Others appeared first on Mocana DeviceLine Blog....

  • Tech Deseign Forums Blog

    Tech Deseign Forums Blog

    Verification perspectives: the growth of emulation
    Published. April 16, 2014

    The first in a series of articles on how various vendors are addressing the flow's most challenging task looks at Mentor's strategy for emulation.The post Verification perspectives: the growth of emulation appeared first on Tech Design Forum....

  • Denali Memory Blog

    Denali Memory Blog

    See Cadence IP Up Close at the TSMC Symposiums
    Published. April 16, 2014

    Want to see what Cadence has been up to recently in IP? Register for the upcoming TSMC 2014 Technology Symposiums.  You'll find Cadence in Booth #613 at the San Jose event on Tuesday, April 22. We'll also be at the Boston TSMC Symposium on April 29 and in Austin on May 1.  See the full suite of Cadence® tools and IP in action in San Jose:Certified Encounter® digital implementation flow for TSMC 16nm FinFET process Custom/mixed-signal flow for 16nm FinFET technology Extensive portfolio...

  • Mocana Device Blog

    Mocana Device Blog

    Heartbleed Attack Hits Canadian Tax Office, Others
    Published. April 16, 2014

    Since last week’s disclosure of a powerful vulnerability against OpenSSL, there have been a few high-profile attacks worth noting. According to the Reuters news service criminal hackers tried to extract Canadian social insurance numbers, which are used for employment and gaining access to government benefits, from about 900 residents. 4-16-14 Update: Reuters reports that Canadian […] The post Heartbleed Attack Hits Canadian Tax Office, Others appeared first on Mocana DeviceLine Blog....

  • Tawna Wilsey Blog

    Tawna Wilsey Blog

    Re: PSS simulation for RF LO and mixer simultaneously
    Published. April 15, 2014

    And from the MMSIM13.1 SpectreRF User Guide:Semi-autonomous is provided to allow the simulation of circuits that have periodic sources and oscillators in the same circuit. It is only supported in the hb Choosing Analyses form. Typical applications are for when you have a receiver with an RF tone and an oscillator for the LO so that all the oscillator noise is taken into account for the receiver noise simulation. Another application is for identifying the phase noise and spurious response of an oscillator...

  • Simon Phipp's Blog

    Simon Phipp's Blog

    Stop laying the blame for Heartbleed on open source
    Published. April 14, 2014

    I've spent the last week considering the data and opinions concerning the Heartbleed bug that was found in the widely used OpenSSL crypread more...

  • Everything USB

    Everything USB

    LogMeOnce Combines Password Vault, Secure USB Drive & Charger Together
    Published. April 10, 2014

    KickStarter is a wonderful place where dreams can become reality. Just like any magical land, if you journey long enough you will see downright […]The post LogMeOnce Combines Password Vault, Secure USB Drive & Charger Together appeared first on Everything USB....

  • Laptops and Desktops Blog

    Laptops and Desktops Blog

    Intel unveils Education 2-in-1 convertible laptop
    Published. April 13, 2014

    The chip giant's latest device for schoolchildren features a detachable 10-inch tablet, magnifying lens and temperature sensor probe, and Windows 8.1....

  • Wireless Sensor Networks Blog

    Wireless Sensor Networks Blog

    Cisco, TI Expand IoT Partnerships
    Published. April 11, 2014

    Cisco Systems and Texas Instruments have announced separate efforts to expand partnerships serving the emerging Internet of Things. TI named eight IoT cloud service partners and said more are on the way; Cisco launched a challenge for IoT startups and promised to work with the winners. TI said it will work with 21emetry, ARM, Arrayent, […]...

  • John Day

    John Day

    Delivering Higher Resolution at Lower Cost
    Published. April 11, 2014

    In my last post I noted the launch by Freescale and Broadcom of a single-chip automotive microcontroller (MCU) that supports compact video compression and fast transmission of video data throughout a vehicle over unshielded twisted pair cabling. The firms said cabling weight could be reduced by up to 30% and connectivity costs reduced by up […]...

  • Verification Horizons Blog

    Verification Horizons Blog

    Mentor Enterprise Verification Platform Debuts
    Published. April 10, 2014

    Its always fun to take the wraps off of solutions we have been hard at work developing.  The global team of Mentor Graphics engineers have spent considerable time and energy to bring the next level of SoC design and verification productivity to what seems to be a never ending response to Moore’s Law.  As silicon […]...


    Sometime things work far better than one might expect
    Published. April 8, 2014

    The day job builds a storage product which integrates Ceph as the storage networking layer. What happened was, in idiomatic American English: We made very tasty lemonade out of very bitter lemons. For the rest of the world, this means we had a bad situation during our setup at the booth. 3 boxes of drives […]...

  • Green Hills Software

    Green Hills Software

    Green Hills Software Expands Support for Freescale's Kinetis Microcontrollers
    Published. April 10, 2014

    Combination is Cornerstone for Secure Internet of Things (IoT) Edge Devices...

  • Open Source Initiative blogs

    Open Source Initiative blogs

    OSI Board Changes 2014
    Published. April 9, 2014

    April annually sees the start of the OSI Board year, with resulting vacancies and the appointment of directors to fill them. This year saw vacancies arising due to the retirement of Board officers -- Karl Fogel, who has done a tremendous job as OSI's Treasurer, and of Martin Michlmayr, whose work as OSI's Secretary has been beyond measure. Also leaving due to term limits is Harshad Gune, and Richard Fontana's seat was open due to the one-year terms for directors representing Individual Members. The...

  • Team Specman Blog

    Team Specman Blog

    Applying Software-Driven Development Techniques to Testbench Development
    Published. April 9, 2014

    Over the past couple of years there has been some interest in applying a software development technique called unit testing in the hardware development flow. One of the reasons is that unit tests allow customers to validate their testbench in isolation, enabling very fast and thorough tests. Some customers have developed their own framework to accomplish this testing. In the Incisive 13.2 release, Cadence has introduced this functionality with Specman/e to enable customers to apply the unit test approach...

  • Stack Overflow

    Stack Overflow

    The engineering – marketing divide
    Published. April 6, 2014

    We have all sat in surreal meetings with the sales and marketing folks. This video captures the dynamic perfectly (caution – you won’t know whether to laugh or cry): The Expert Video I actually have some sympathy for the marketing people portrayed here, as it must be very hard when you’re so far out of [...]...

  • Rands In Repose

    Rands In Repose

    If You Happen to Building a New Operating System…
    Published. April 6, 2014

    You could do a lot worse than the design for webOS. The team recently released a wiki full of documents, design assets, and working samples to the open source community. Gorgeous examples of flat design.#...

  • The Standards Game

    The Standards Game

    An Internet of Things event for you
    Published. April 2, 2014

    Coming soon – April 10th, 2014 to be exact – is an Internet of Things event you might find informative. Hosted by SEMI, the global industry association serving the manufacturing supply chain for the semiconductor industry, at their headquarters in Silicon Valley, the morning event promises to be interesting. The event’s title, “The Silicon Valley [...]...

  • Mike Jensen's Blog

    Mike Jensen's Blog

    IESF 2014: Military & Aerospace
    Published. April 1, 2014

    The 2014 session of the Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum (IESF) for the Military & Aerospace industries is coming up fast. Join us to see how Mentor Graphics tools can help you develop safer, more reliable systems. Here are the dates and locations: April 22 in Dallas, Texas April 24 in Everett, Washington May 1 in […]...

  • Chris A. Ciufo on All Things Embedded

    Chris A. Ciufo on All Things Embedded

    What I want to see at EE Live! / ESC
    Published. April 1, 2014

    EE Live! kicks off tomorrow on 1 April 2014. Here's what one editor is looking for while wandering the aisles and meeting with embedded developers and vendors. Continue reading →...

  • Conversation Central

    Conversation Central

    Jill Tarter and The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
    Published. March 31, 2014

    Guest: Jill Tarter, Bernard M. Oliver Chair, SETI Institute Host: Karen Bartleson, Sr. Director, Community Marketing, Synopsys Inc. If your browser doesn’t support Flash, click here to download the show and play it locally. We made the hop and a skip over to the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute to meet with SETI’s Bernard [...]...

  • The Java Posse

    The Java Posse

    Java Posse #450
    Published. March 29, 2014

    Roundup ‘13 - Idealism vs Compromise Fully formatted shownotes can always be found at Code Coverage Domain Driven Design - Eriz Evans Acceptance Tests Gold Plating Code Technical Debt Continuous...

  • Urban Work Bench

    Urban Work Bench

    Are you an infrastructure sustainability professional?
    Published. March 28, 2014

    I’ve been blogging about sustainable infrastructure for eight years1, have presented on sustainability, was involved in designing award winning sustainable subdivisions2, and was talking about it long before that. I’ve worked hard to differentiate myself from the traditional view of Civil Engineers to one of being a Sustainability Professional; problem-solving sustainable solutions to everyday infrastructure […]This post was written by Mike Thomas for ©2006-2014.Originally...

  • Analog Insights

    Analog Insights

    VCS AMS – Synopsys advanced mixed-signal verification solution to accelerate regression testing of mixed-signal SoCs
    Published. March 27, 2014

     You may have seen Synopsys recent announcement during SNUG: In a few words, Synopsys is announcing an initiative to accelerate regression testing of mixed-signal SoCs. As part of the initiative, Synopsys is rolling out a SystemVerilog-based methodology, AMS Testbench, and the new VCS® AMS mixed-signal verification solution that incorporates VCS...

  • Branden Williams' Security Coverage Blog

    Branden Williams' Security Coverage Blog

    Would you pay for a PCI DSS 2.0-3.0 class?
    Published. March 25, 2014

    The PCI Council released a training course on PCI DSS 3.0 (via Security Innovation) dubbed an “Insider’s Guide” to the new standard. The training has a price tag to get access to the materials, and some might deem it a bit hefty considering it is only a 90-minute course. In fairness, the Council is competing […]...

  • Always On Real

    Always On Real

    Mobile Breakfast Series: Internet of Things
    Published. March 23, 2014

    Internet of Things: Exploring the next big thing in mobile We hosted our first Mobile Breakfast Series of the year at Columbia Tower Club last week and the topic was Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is the hottest thing in the mobile industry right now with investment pouring in from all sides. Our expert panel took [...]...

  • To USB or not to USB

    To USB or not to USB

    Too Few USB Ports, USB is Hard because it’s Easy, International Happiness Day
    Published. March 20, 2014

    Not Enough USB Ports The most common complaint I hear now is that PC’s don’t offer enough USB 3.0 ports. In the most recent blog from Jeff Cable, he talks about how he bought a MacPro that has only 4 USB 3.0 ports.  Jeff Cable says: “The only bad thing is that the new Mac [...]...

  • Siliconcowboy's Blog

    Siliconcowboy's Blog

    Comment on Were the Five Recent/Worst Mass Murderers in the US Democrats? by Micah Penner (Eggimations)
    Published. March 3, 2014

    Completely agree with you. You should be able to bear arms, but only for self defense and sporting. Assault rifles such as the AR-15 belong with the military, not civilians....

  • Barr Code

    Barr Code

    A Look Back at the Audi 5000 and Unintended Acceleration
    Published. March 14, 2014

    I was in high school in the late 1980′s when NHTSA (pronounced “nit-suh”), Transport Canada, and others studied complaints of unintended acceleration in Audi 5000 vehicles. Looking back on the Audi issues, and in light of my own recent role as an expert investigating complaints of unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles, there appears to be [...]...

  • Paul Johnston's Blog

    Paul Johnston's Blog

    How to get the best out of your Capital sales person.
    Published. March 14, 2014

    It happened again this year. The assembly of personages from Mentor Graphics involved in Sales or Technical support of the sales organization getting together for planning meetings, technical training, networking and more meetings.   There is a lot of misunderstanding about Sales people, what they do, how they do it and how much use they […]...

  • Frank Schirrmeister Blog

    Frank Schirrmeister Blog

    The Importance of Ecosystems in the Internet of Things Era
    Published. March 11, 2014

    As we develop electronics in early 2014, the battle between processor architectures is raging in all spaces, from deeply embedded through mobile to servers. Choosing the right ecosystem partners is crucially important, and today's announcement of an extended partnership between ARM and Cadence marks important steps towards increasing productivity for ARM-based designs. About two years back, I had tried to make sense of what I perceived as chaos at the Embedded Systems Conference, pointing to...

  • Robin Bornoff's Blog

    Robin Bornoff's Blog

    Top 10 FloTHERM V10 Features – #2: Advanced Find
    Published. March 6, 2014

    Electronic products, and products that contain electronics, are typified by being constructed of 100s if not 1000s of individual parts. A CPU alone is the most complex manufactured product on earth as demonstrated in this excellent picture story on Tom’s Hardware. From the IC through package, PCB and chassis, items are glued, cured, soldered, screwed […]...

  • Simon's DFM Corner

    Simon's DFM Corner

    Why are 450mm wafers and EUV lithography related?
    Published. March 6, 2014

    At the recent TSMC OIP, I had an interesting discussion with a TSMC employee (who shall remain nameless), regarding 450mm wafers. The gist of the discussion was that EUV has become a gating item for the move to 450mm wafers. Why are these two related? They are connected at the purse strings. It will cost […]...

  • CFD doesn’t mean Color For Directors

    CFD doesn’t mean Color For Directors

    Future Phone
    Published. March 6, 2014

    You all know how gadget-mad I am, right? Well guess what’s got my senses buzzing today? A mobile phone that you can build yourself from various components … something akin to a Lego phone and it’s called the Phoneblok. A Dutch designer, Dave Hakkens, came up with the idea after he wanted to replace a […]...

  • PCB Matters

    PCB Matters

    Introducing DxDesigner 7.9.4
    Published. March 6, 2014

    Welcome! I am Gary Lameris Technical Marketing Engineer for Mentor Graphics. I’ve worked with DxDesigner since 1988 and have watched it grow from the independent Unix/Dos tool called PowerView and Viewdraw to a powerful multi-user schematic drafting program tightly integrated into the Expedition Enterprise and PADS layout tools today. Four years ago I moved to […]...

  • PCB Signal and Power Integrity Tech Corner

    PCB Signal and Power Integrity Tech Corner

    How to connect a capacitor?
    Published. March 6, 2014

    Capacitors are the backbone of a board power distribution network, or PDN.  However, just as important as having the capacitors connected to the PDN is how they are connected.  If you think that connecting them with inch-long 5-mil traces is a good idea, you might want to reconsider (or maybe you are still living in […]...

  • CallMOM


    Who knew that you could balance 100?s of work orders simultaneously across the factory for truly optimized production plan?
    Published. March 6, 2014

    Our electronics manufacturing factories today are finally picking up steam. This is creating pressure on many companies who are looking for ways to improve performance-to-schedule. One of the most important factors in attracting and keeping customers, is the ability to continuously meet delivery commitments for production and to keep the delivery time as short as […]...

  • Verification Martial Arts

    Verification Martial Arts

    Run-time Save-restore Strategy with UVM & VCS
    Published. March 6, 2014

    In many verification environments, you reuse the same configuration cycles across different testcases. These cycles might involve writing and reading from different configuration and status registers, loading program memories, and other similar tasks to set up a DUT for the targeted stimulus. In many of these environments, the time taken during this configuration cycles are [...]...

  • State-Space


    Are We Shooting Ourselves in the Foot with Stack Overflow?
    Published. February 17, 2014

    In the latest Lesson #10 of my Embedded C Programming with ARM Cortex-M Video Course I explain what stack overflow is and I show what can transpire deep inside an embedded microcontroller when the stack pointer register (SP) goes out of bounds. You can watch the YouTube video to see the details, but basically when the [...]...

  • FPGA Blog

    FPGA Blog

    Connectivity kit for high-performance applications enables accelerated productivity
    Published. February 13, 2014

    Xilinx, Inc. has announced its new 40 Gbps platform Virtex-7 FPGA VC709 Connectivity Kit. This kit enables designers to streamline productivity for high-bandwidth/performance applications, such as high frequency trading appliances, network interface cards for security, and network monitoring. Read more Connectivity kit for high-performance applications enables accelerated productivityTwitter @fpgablog : : Free Publications : : […]...

  • Adam Sherer Blog

    Adam Sherer Blog

    Cadence and AMD Add New UVM Multi-Language Features
    Published. February 4, 2014

    The UVM Multi-Language Open Architecture open-source library was recently updated with new features.  The hallmarks of this solution continue to be the ability to integrate verification components of multiple languages and methodologies at the testbench level, expanding beyond simple connectivity at the more limited data level, and the multi-vendor support. Interestingly, multi-language is a bit of a misnomer – the critical part of the name is Open Architecture.  For sure,...

  • GROG: Green Tech Blog

    GROG: Green Tech Blog

    Jalousie aka louvre windows are terrible
    Published. February 4, 2014

    This post was written by Alex for Tashman Home Center in Los Angeles. If you live some where that is not temperate year round you may not have run into this abominable style of windows. For obvious reasons, installing these things somewhere cold is a terrible idea but installing them somewhere warm is also silly. […]...

  • A View From the Top

    A View From the Top

    New Year’s Resolution
    Published. January 28, 2014

    Let me first start off with wishing everyone a great New Year! I wish everyone good health and a lot of friendship and love. And hopefully all those software driven devices around you will make your life better. At least that is the goal and the promise from the industry. I for one am a [...]...

  • The Eyes Have It

    The Eyes Have It

    Linking PCI Express Outside The Box
    Published. January 28, 2014

    PCI Express (PCIe) has long been a dominant standard for communications inside of computers, servers and blades but sometimes you need to think (and send data) outside the box. Since the first release of PCIe cabling standard in early 2007, creative engineers have been looking to utilize this new capability as a box-to-box interconnect, in [...]...

  • Daniel Cazzulino's Blog

    Daniel Cazzulino's Blog

    OutDir vs OutputPath
    Published. January 28, 2014

    Which one should you use? Seems like OutputPath is the way to go, since it’s the one that is specified on every project you create, right inside the Debug or Release configuration. From C:WindowsMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv4.0.30319Microsoft.Common.targets, however, we learn: OutDir: Indicates the final output location for the project or solution. When building a solution, OutDir can be [...]...

  • Jack Erickson's Blog

    Jack Erickson's Blog

    Recap of Another Successful Japan C-to-Silicon User Seminar
    Published. January 14, 2014

    Back in November, our Japan office hosted a C-to-Silicon Compiler user meeting. They host about two per year, and the meetings have been growing in size and content. The November session drew 44 customers, representing 13 companies. The content spanned about a half day, covering a wide variety of topics. The user meeting started off with a C-to-Silicon business update, presented by our Japan region marketing lead for system design and verification, Makoto Yoshida. This included a high-level view...

  • AnalogTalk


    Fusing sensor data
    Published. January 7, 2014

    Sensors can now be added to virtually anything, due to their small cost and size. As sensors continue to surround us, system requirements are moving from simple monitoring to providing complex information about our environment and activities. Data from multiple sensors, such as motion (accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes) and environmental (light, temperature, humidity, pressure), needs to [...]...

  • Soft Talk - Multicore and Parallel Programming

    Soft Talk - Multicore and Parallel Programming

    And it’s ‘goodnight’ from him…
    Published. December 19, 2012

    After three years of writing here several times a week, I’m going to take a bit of a break from this blog. I’ll be blogging for Develop Online and Mobile Entertainment each week (sponsored by Intel), and this blog will be updated occasionally, but I won’t be able to dedicate the time to it that […]...

  • The Moth

    The Moth

    Best of “The Moth” 2013
    Published. December 31, 2013

    As previously (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) the time has come again to look back over the year’s activities on this blog, and as predicted there were 3 themes 1. It has been just 15 months since I changed role from what at Microsoft we call an “Individual Contributor” (IC) to a managerial role where ICs report to me. Part of being a manager entails sharing career tips with your team and some of those I have put up on my blog over the last year (and hope to continue...

  • EEBeat


    U.S. to Investigate General Service Lamp Efficiency Standard
    Published. December 20, 2013

    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has just initiated a rulemaking and data collection process focused on developing an energy efficiency standard for general service lamps (GSL). The term GSL covers a wide range of lighting technologies, including incandescent, compact fluorescent (CFLs), light-emitting diode (LED), organic light-emitting diode (OLED), and any other lamps that satisfy [...]...

  • EDA Graffiti

    EDA Graffiti

    Cyclone V SoC Development Kit Features Optimized Power Supply
    Published. December 18, 2013

    Get an optimized power design for your system with the ARM-based Cyclone V SoC Development Kit. Its Enpirion power increases power efficiency and reduces bill-of-material (BOM) costs while also saving valuable board space...

  • Brian's Brain

    Brian's Brain

    Cyclone V SoC Development Kit Features Optimized Power Supply
    Published. December 18, 2013

    Get an optimized power design for your system with the ARM-based Cyclone V SoC Development Kit. Its Enpirion power increases power efficiency and reduces bill-of-material (BOM) costs while also saving valuable board space...

  • Anablog


    Cyclone V SoC Development Kit Features Optimized Power Supply
    Published. December 18, 2013

    Get an optimized power design for your system with the ARM-based Cyclone V SoC Development Kit. Its Enpirion power increases power efficiency and reduces bill-of-material (BOM) costs while also saving valuable board space...

  • Now Hear This!

    Now Hear This!

    Cyclone V SoC Development Kit Features Optimized Power Supply
    Published. December 18, 2013

    Get an optimized power design for your system with the ARM-based Cyclone V SoC Development Kit. Its Enpirion power increases power efficiency and reduces bill-of-material (BOM) costs while also saving valuable board space...

  • Practical Chip Design

    Practical Chip Design

    Cyclone V SoC Development Kit Features Optimized Power Supply
    Published. December 18, 2013

    Get an optimized power design for your system with the ARM-based Cyclone V SoC Development Kit. Its Enpirion power increases power efficiency and reduces bill-of-material (BOM) costs while also saving valuable board space...

  • Critical Links

    Critical Links

    Cyclone V SoC Development Kit Features Optimized Power Supply
    Published. December 18, 2013

    Get an optimized power design for your system with the ARM-based Cyclone V SoC Development Kit. Its Enpirion power increases power efficiency and reduces bill-of-material (BOM) costs while also saving valuable board space...

  • Microchip Coupon Codes & Discounts

    Microchip Coupon Codes & Discounts

    Choina Only! 70% Discount on PICkit 3 & Many More!
    Published. January 16, 2012

    To usher in 2012 and the Year of the Dragon, the Dev Tools group and microchipDIRECT are jointly offering a special promotion on many popular Microchip development tools exclusively to engineers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan from now till February 6th, 2012. Highlights of the sale include a never-before 70% discount on the PICkit […]...

  • The Perils of Parallel

    The Perils of Parallel

    Intel Xeon Phi Announcement (& me)
    Published. November 24, 2013

    1. No, I’m not dead. Not even sick. Been a long time since a post. More on this at the end.2. So, Intel has finally announced a product ancestrally based on the long-ago Larrabee. The architecture became known as MIC (Many Integrated Cores), development vehicles were named after tiny towns (Knights Corner/Knights Ferry – one was to be the product, but I could never keep them straight), and the final product is to be known as the Xeon Phi.Why Phi? I don’t know. Maybe it’s the start of a convention...

  • Law & Life: Silicon Valley

    Law & Life: Silicon Valley

    Powerful Combination for the Future of Computing: FOSS and Cloud
    Published. November 14, 2013

    The Open Source Summit in Hong Kong last week demonstrates the power of the open source methodology and the OpenStack community. The Summit was the first OpenStack Foundation conference outside of the United States and attracted over 3,000 attendees from over 50 countries (significantly more than the Summit in Portland). OpenStack has grown [...]...

  • Kiran Bulusu’s Blog

    Kiran Bulusu’s Blog

    How do you launch a hardware startup?
    Published. August 28, 2013

    This is a repost of my  answer on Quora . Whether its hardware or software or any product, spend lot of time and energy in customer development . Finding out what users want and think they will pay for is more critical than what we think will be cool for them. Since HW involves lot of capital, […]Related Posts:Personalization of Silicon and need for Design Flow…Framework For Creating An Hardware Startup For EE StudentsStartups: Applying lean methodology and business model…Startup...

  • Jason Andrews Blog

    Jason Andrews Blog

    Starting Virtual Platform Simulation with Cadence Software Developer
    Published. October 11, 2013

    Last time, I provided an introduction to the Eclipse setup for the Cadence Virtual System Platform. This time I will explain how to run simulation using Software Developer. Cadence Software Developer provides multiple flows to hand off virtual platform simulations to software engineers. The easiest flow can be used when the platform creator and software developer are working at the same company and on the same network. In this flow, I will describe how to simulate...

  • CCIE Journey

    CCIE Journey

    CCIE Security v4 Advanced Technology Class over @ INE Started today
    Published. September 25, 2013

    If you are prepping for the lab this is something I am sure you are going to want to catch. Starting tomorrow, September 24th 2013 at 10:00 PDT (17:00 GMT), I will begin the running the new CCIE Security Advanced Technologies Class for the newest version 4.0 blueprint. Online streaming of tomorrow’s class is free […]...

  • McAfee Labs

    McAfee Labs

    Product Coverage and Mitigation for CVE-2013-3893
    Published. September 20, 2013

    Microsoft Security Advisory (2887505) On September 17th, 2013, Microsoft published Security Advisory 2887505, which coverers a remote code execution vulnerability in all supported versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.   The flaw resides in the handling of objects in memory which have been deleted or improperly allocated.  Specifically, a use-after-free flaw in the HTML rendering engine (aka Read more......

  • Chris Gamell's Analog Life

    Chris Gamell's Analog Life

    Contextual Electronics Announcement
    Published. June 6, 2013

    “But Chris, what happened to your milling videos?” “Well, the same thing that happens to lots of projects, they got re-prioritized!” I really enjoy working with my new mill! It’s awesome and I’ve learned a ton. I didn’t post it to this site as a separate blog post on this site, but I did post […]...

  • Otaku, Cedric's weblog

    Otaku, Cedric's weblog

    Flexible configuration with Guice
    Published. July 13, 2013

    There are quite a few configuration libraries available in Java, such as this one available from Apache Commons, and they usually follow a very similar pattern: they parse a variety of configuration files and in the end, give you a Property or Map like structure where you can query your values: Double double = config.getDouble("number"); […]...

  • Dana Gardner's BriefingsDirect

    Dana Gardner's BriefingsDirect

    The Open Group conference emphasizes healthcare as key sector for ecosystem-wide interactions improvement
    Published. July 13, 2013

    Healthcare industry organizations are seeking large-scale transformation, and improved cross-organizational collaboration. Such trends as big data and cloud computing are helping to make healthcare more responsive and efficient....

  • Joel on Software

    Joel on Software

    Victory Lap for Ask Patents
    Published. July 22, 2013

    There are a lot of people complaining about lousy software patents these days. I say, stop complaining, and start killing them. It took me about fifteen minutes to stop a crappy Microsoft patent from being approved. Got fifteen minutes? You can do it too. In a minute, I’ll tell you that story. But first, a little background. Software developers don’t actually invent very much. The number of actually novel, non-obvious inventions in the software industry that maybe, in some universe, deserve a...

  • Rick Lyons's DSP Blog

    Rick Lyons's DSP Blog

    A Quadrature Signals Tutorial: Complex, But Not Complicated
    Published. April 12, 2013

    Click Here for a PDF version of this article Introduction Quadrature signals are based on the notion of complex numbers and perhaps no other topic causes more heartache for newcomers to DSP than these numbers and their strange terminology of j operator, complex, imaginary, real, and orthogonal. If you're a little unsure of the physical meaning of complex numbers and the j = √-1 operator, do... read more...

  • Stephane Boucher's DSP Blog

    Stephane Boucher's DSP Blog

    Collaborative Writing Experiment: Your Favorite DSP Websites
    Published. May 30, 2013

    You are invited to contribute to the content of this blog post through the magic of Google Docs' real time collaboration feature. I discovered this tool several months ago when I was looking for a way to coordinate our annual family halloween party (potluck) and avoid the very unpleasant situation of ending up with too much chips and not enough chocolate (first world problem!).  It was amusi... read more...

  • BCL Team Blog

    BCL Team Blog

    Our Blog has Moved
    Published. June 21, 2013

    As you may have noticed, we’ve started to blog most of our announcements on the .NET blog. As of today, we are officially merging the BCL blog with the .NET blog. Originally, the .NET blog was the CLR’s team blog. Back in those days, we’ve basically split the content according to feature area: runtime features go to the CLR blog, managed features go to the BCL blog. After a few years we’ve figured out that this split doesn’t really help. First of all many features span...

  • Robert Dwyer's Blog

    Robert Dwyer's Blog

    Re: create power and ground pins
    Published. June 18, 2013

    A new-ish command called "createPGPin" was created to do this. Do you see that available in the version you're using?Hope so... ...

  • Fusion


    AMD’s Much Beloved FX Product-Line Welcomes Two New Additions to the Lineup
    Published. April 29, 2013

    AMD FX 4350 and 6350 processor parts launch today in the component channel. AMD is rolling out two new members of the legendary FX CPU family, and as always, they bring the unlocked performance you’ve come to know and love … Continue reading...

  • CEA Digital Dialogue

    CEA Digital Dialogue

    Gary Shapiro Talks Innovation, Startups with CNN at SXSW
    Published. March 14, 2013

    The 2013 South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conferences and Festivals are underway in Austin, Texas, highlighting the latest in technology, music and film. The Consumer Electronics Association® (CEA) had a large presence at this year’s show. CEA’s President and CEO, Gary Shapiro hosted a reading and signing of CEA’s newest book, Ninja Innovation: The Ten Killer Strategies of the World's Most Successful Businesses and also discussed the book, startups and more with Max Foster on CNN....

  • Joseph Hupcey Blog

    Joseph Hupcey Blog

    DVCon 2013: Functional Verification Is EDA’s “Killer App”
    Published. March 11, 2013

    With another year of record attendance, DVCon has again proven that a functional verification-focused mix of trade show and technical conference is what customers need to get their jobs done.  Here are some of the some of the highlights I took away from this informative event:DVCon 2013 was a one stop shop for panels, papers, posters,live demos, and tutorials on functional verification* Great panels on Verification Planning and Drastically Improving D&VTwo panels at the conference provided valuable...

  • Pallab's Place

    Pallab's Place

    EUV and eBeam at SPIE ADV Litho 2013
    Published. March 1, 2013

    While the main manufacturing flows are still focusing on optical lithography, eBeam and EUV are still making progress on advancements waiting for their chance in the main flow of the fab line. EUV is still working on power and throughput. A challenge for the industry is the dual sided consolidation for the advanced node development. [...]...

  • GreenTech Pastures

    GreenTech Pastures

    Mainstreaming our green technology coverage
    Published. February 28, 2013

    For future news about data center efficiency, energy management software and other cleantech issues, consult ZDNet's core topic and news blogs. It's always on our mind....

  • Team Verify's Blog

    Team Verify's Blog

    DVCon 2013 for Formal and ABV Users
    Published. February 11, 2013

    At the upcoming DVCon (in San Jose, CA February 25-28), Cadence will cover all aspects of our verification technologies and methodologies (full list of Cadence-sponsored events is here).  However, Team Verify would like to alert users of Cadence Incisive formal and multi-engine tools, apps, and assertion-based verification (ABV) to the following papers and posters focused on this domain.* Session 2, Tuesday Feb. 26, 9-10:30am features two papers:Paper 2.1, "Overcoming AXI...

  • Domeika's Dilemma

    Domeika's Dilemma

    Multicore – assimilating the new developments
    Published. October 9, 2009

    There was a brief pause in my blogging as I have been assimilating some of the new developments in the multicore realm.  Some of the items are close to home for me at my respective company with the acquisition of Wind River, Cilk Arts, and RapidMind.  I’m not at liberty to comment on strategy, future [...]...

  • Ed Burnette's Dev Connection

    Ed Burnette's Dev Connection

    PlayFirst abandons PC/Mac market for greener mobile pastures
    Published. October 9, 2012

    PlayFirst calls it quits on PC and Mac, doubling down on iOS and Android instead. Flo fans will just have to go buy a tablet to get their daily dash on....

  • Magic Blue Smoke

    Magic Blue Smoke

    Most Commonly Used/Required UPF 1801 Constructs
    Published. March 3, 2012

      Often times many designers keep asking one question ; Does all EDA tools support UPF2.0 Commands. In theory all the commands in UPF are referred to as IEEE 1801 commands and all the supported commands by the tool can be accessed through solvnet article  ( In my opinion in addition to the standard UPF [...]...

  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Windows Embedded Blog

    Windows Embedded Keynote at SMART TECHnology World
    Published. March 26, 2012

    On Friday 23rd March 2012 Kevin Dallas, General Manager of the Windows Embedded Business at Microsoft delivered a keynote presentation at SMART TECHnology World, during the keynote Kevin is joined by Michael Allison, IT Administrator of Hillcrest Medical Center, Tom Romano, CIO of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Jim Buczkowski, a Technical Fellow at Ford to discuss the emergence and value of Intelligent Systems Here’s a link to the keynote video - Mike...

  • Absolute Power

    Absolute Power

    4G LTE vs. 3G Power Mystery Explained
    Published. August 9, 2012

      Last month we saw some interesting data in our investigation of energy efficiency of 4G LTE transmission versus 3G transmission on the new iPad. The data above suggests that in 4G LTE mode, the new iPad used roughly the same amount of energy (3.8Wh) for viewing our test movie (Star Trek, 2:06:46, 138MB) locally [...]...

  • Windows Embedded Standard

    Windows Embedded Standard

    This Blog is Moving!
    Published. July 9, 2012

    This blog site is being incorporated into a new, more integrated blog site that covers all things Embedded. As of today we will no longer be posting news and announcements on this site but will be posting to the new site instead- Approaching Embedded Intelligently. We have migrated a number of useful articles to this new site already so you will not lose these troubleshooting and information resources- you can find them under the Products Update discussion topic. We hope you enjoy the new site!...

  • Veera Sundar

    Veera Sundar

    How to change the default webapp deployment location of Tomcat in Eclipse
    Published. December 10, 2012

    When you deploy your Java web application to the Apache Tomcat server, via Eclipse, by default the web app will be deployed under {YOUR_ECLIPSE_WORKSPACE}.metadata.pluginsorg.eclipse.wst.server.coretmp{a-number}wtpwebapps. Suppose if you want to deploy your web app to a location that is easily navigable, follow these steps. First make sure you have removed all the web apps that are currently [...]...

  • Olliance Group: Open Means Business

    Olliance Group: Open Means Business

    Open Source and the Mobile Applications Gold Rush
    Published. September 2, 2011

    Since the launch of the Apple iPhone App Store in July 2008, the focus on investment in mobile/wireless has shifted from handsets for their own sake to a near obsession with mobile phones as applications platforms, and to building and marketing applications for them. Apple didn’t invent the applications store concept – handset manufacturer Palm [...]...

  • Sandro Groganz, Open Source Marketing Consultant

    Sandro Groganz, Open Source Marketing Consultant

    Branding and the Open Source Marketplace
    Published. November 26, 2012

    I’m quite busy with transitioning from my life as a consultant to working for Magnolia. Hence, I was not yet able to let you know that published yet another article from yours truly. In the extremely overcrowded open source Continue reading →...

  • John Coyne's Embedded Blog

    John Coyne's Embedded Blog

    Compact 7 Webcast–June 19th!
    Published. May 21, 2012

      Our Windows Embedded Compact 7 team is hosting a Webcast on June 19th! Image Tuning to balance Performance and Power in Windows Embedded Compact 7 The demands of the embedded world make creating the best image possible an absolute requirement. ...(read more)...

  • John Isaac's Blog

    John Isaac's Blog

    Using Virtual Prototyping versus Physical Prototyping
    Published. February 6, 2013

    On our “Best-In_Class” web site, we talk about 6 practices that have enabled electronics companies to achieve their agressive business goals and obtain best-in-class status.  In my last blog, I talked about how they enable Concurrency in the design process.  By turning serial processes into parallel, this not only had the affect of reducing time [...]...

  • Max Clark’s Blog – DFM begins with Design

    Max Clark’s Blog – DFM begins with Design

    Managing the Assembly Panel Design process
    Published. February 6, 2013

    When a product model completes the design process and moves into the manufacturing process, designers and process engineers are always looking for opportunities to improve upon the clarity and reliability of their communication.  In the case of assembly panels the most common communication method is an assembly panel drawing that contains the dimensions on where [...]...

  • Taken For Granted

    Taken For Granted

    DAC 2012: Mystical Confluence: ESL Hockey Stick and The Cup!
    Published. June 7, 2012

    Another note from DAC 2012:  In Gary Smith’s Sunday night pre-DAC talk, he mentioned that in 2011, ESL tools took off – the famous Hockey Stick.  See his slide (courtesy of my friend Frank Schirrmeister): Could the long-awaited, long postponed arrival of the ESL Hockey Stick at the same time as the Stanley Cup Finals [...]...

  • Arthur Schaldenbrand Blog

    Arthur Schaldenbrand Blog

    Measuring Bipolar Transistor ft with Fixed Base-Collector Voltage
    Published. June 12, 2012

    Recently I had a question from reader. He asked a good question: "How do you to measure a bipolar transistor's ft when the base-collector voltage, Vbc, is fixed?" Attached is a modified version of the testbench that allows a user to measure ft with a fixed Vbc. While the aesthetics are not as pleasing as the original testbench, it does the job. The testbench is shown in Figure 1. The base of the bipolar transistor, the DUT, is grounded.  The collector of the transistor is connected...

  • Michael Jacobs Blog

    Michael Jacobs Blog

    Webinar: SOI Gives More Performance Per Watt, And There's An Easy Path
    Published. August 20, 2010

    If you've seen any of the recent buzz lately around Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI), you'd know that it's an excellent option that can enable you to meet lower power consumption and die area targets without sacrificing performance or functionality. This is why Cadence, ARM and IBM have partnered to provide you an easy path to silicon with the SOI process for your digital design, including production proven software, design kits and IP.   If you're a design manager or engineer, and...

  • Ran Avinun's Blog

    Ran Avinun's Blog

    The Challenge of System Integration and Bring-Up
    Published. May 3, 2011

    In the last few years, I have talked with many companies and analysts and consistently heard that system integration time is becoming one of the key challenges in system development. Many companies spend 50% of their total development cycle on system integration and bring-up. This blog will describe the key challenges customers face today, and will refer to a new Cadence approach and offerings to address them.   Post-Silicon System Integration and Bring-UpThe flood of...

  • Steven Brown's Blog

    Steven Brown's Blog

    Virtual Flash Memory Gets Real
    Published. August 8, 2011

    This week's Flash Memory summit will not only highlight the IP Cadence delivers, but will touch on innovative application of virtual prototype technology for Flash Memory firmware and system development. Developing complex memory controllers is challenging, and an increasing portion of the capability is delivered as firmware. Virtual prototypes of hardware for memory controllers, and the systems within which they operate, enable software to be developed months ahead of...

  • Team ESL Blog

    Team ESL Blog

    Creating SystemC TLM-2.0 Peripheral Models
    Published. July 14, 2011

    Over two years ago, I made some experiments and raised some requirements for an effective Virtual Platform IP authoring tool. Even with the passage of time, some people seem to find it useful as I regularly get questions about it. It is more than time to give you an update, and the good news is that such a tool is now available as part of the new Cadence Virtual System Platform (VSP) product. One of the capabilities provided by the Virtual System Platform is a tool to enable easy authoring of Virtual...

  • Team genIES Blog

    Team genIES Blog

    Update to the OVM Register Package
    Published. November 29, 2011

    OVM users have something new to give thanks for this holiday season -- an update to the OVM Register Package (new link!!). This package is used by novice and advanced users and embodies years of experience gathered through hundreds of SystemVerilog projects.The Cadence genIES team has been remiss since the demise of the OVM World, which left the OVM community to use OVM_RGM 2.5.  We did try to post to UVM World, but that is really dedicated to the UVM.  Therefore, we will be picking...

  • Tom Anderson's Blog

    Tom Anderson's Blog

    Some Final Real-World Assertions for the Holidays
    Published. December 20, 2011

    My last "real-world assertions" blog post seems to have tickled a bunch of people with my story about the racy narration at the historic Red Fort in Delhi. I've heard from several folks who have also seen the show and had a similar reaction. Just out of curiosity, I did a Web search and found a half-dozen or so other blogs and travelogues with comments similar to mine. Concluding my series, and in the spirit of the holiday season, here are a few final amusing incidents related to shopping...

  • On Verification

    On Verification

    Getting the last 20%
    Published. July 7, 2010

    I am happy to write that Nusym’s pioneering coverage convergence technology is now part of Synopsys. Over the years, I’ve seen the “long pole” in verification schedules shift based on the evolution of verification technologies and chip architectures.  A few years ago one of the long poles was writing tests – it was nearly impossible [...]...

  • Listening Post

    Listening Post

    YouTube Helps Engineers
    Published. September 30, 2011

    The channel that gets to close our series on how social media helps engineers is YouTube. The only social media platform that we never hear anyone complain about or say they would never use is YouTube. Why is that you ask? Because everyone loves video! If you don’t have a Facebook page, refuse to open [...]...

  • Coverage is my Friend

    Coverage is my Friend

    High Level Coverage
    Published. November 1, 2011

    Unless you’ve completely isolated yourself from the wisdom of Verification and EDA pundits, you must have heard at some point that High Level Verification and High Level Synthesis are the way of the future. This has been true for at least the past 10 years and most likely is still going to be true for [...]...

  • Nigel Dessau

    Nigel Dessau

    Top 10 List – Things You Might not Know about AMD Fusion APUs
    Published. August 22, 2011

    I don’t typically blog about AMD news, but couldn’t help myself today because today represents a new chapter in the Fusion era of computing. We have updated our award-winning (see No. 9 below) C- and E-Series Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) … Continue reading...

  • RF/Microwave Tracker

    RF/Microwave Tracker

    Teardown Signals Transition from GaAs to CMOS Power Amplifiers In 3G Handsets
    Published. November 30, 2012

    Although, working CMOS based 3G RF power amplifiers (PAs) were demonstrated several years ago, the transition from 2G to 3G handsets has not been that easy for CMOS. Concerns over performance have severely limited its progression in the 3G space. … Continue reading →...

  • EmbeddedPC


    Don’t get tied up in knots with your cables!
    Published. September 28, 2011

    It always seems like it’s the little things that often cause the most problems with your embedded system.  The more I work with electronic systems, the more respect and care I have developed for cables and interconnect systems.  This goes … Continue reading →...

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