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  • Chris A. Ciufo on All Things Embedded

    Chris A. Ciufo on All Things Embedded

    Design Resources: USB 3.1 and Type-C

    By: Chris A. Ciufo, Editor, Embedded Systems Engineering An up-to-date quick reference list for engineers...

  • Blog Post: No small matter: How to reduce voltage regulator size  /  (TI E2E Community)

    My wife loves to get flowers. It is amazing how a simple, small gift can bring such a big smile to her face. The flowers brighten up our home and our spirits. If only reducing voltage regulator size was such a small matter. There often seems to be more components to cram onto a circuit board than space available. More features...

  • Linux 4.6 is a major release: Here's what's new and improved  /   (Linux and Open Source)

    With better security, improved ARM support, and, oh yes, better gaming hardware support, Linux 4.6 is a major update....

  • EEVblog #880 – Mailbag  /   (Electronics Engineering Video Blog Podcast)

    Mailbag Monday Teardown bonanza Forum HERE SPOILERS: LCD’s and CCD sensor under the Tagarno microscope The Aoyue3D Ritocco 3D shaping , cutting and finishing tool amazon 1980’s multimeters (Fluke ripoff) Wandel & Goltermann optical attenuator Cheap mains energy meter teardown DTV TV tuner teardown Wayback...

  • Minimising the snooping  /  (David Lacey's IT Security Blog)

    It was interesting to see Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, voicing his opinions that government and companies should not have access to private consumer information. It’s rich coming from a vendor with access to so much of our personal information.  I don’t mind security services having access for national...

Recommended Technology Papers

  • Delivering High Quality Analog Video Signals With Optimized Video DACs

    In most modern consumer equipment, multimedia content is processed in the digital domain. However, analog video transmission requires the digital video content conversion to the analog domain. This white paper outlines the most common analog video signal standard-specifications that multimedia SoCs must support. It describes the key characteristics and features of a digital-to-analog converter solution optimized for video applications.

  • USB 3.1: Evolution and Revolution

    This white paper digs into 10G USB 3.1 to clarify the evolutionary and revolutionary changes in the specification. USB 3.1 introduces a 10 Gbps signaling rate in addition to other features.

  • On-chip Networks Optimize Shared Memory for Multicore SoCs

    Performance of multicore SoCs is often dominated by external DRAM access, particularly in digital consumer devices running high quality video and graphics applications. Increasing core counts and newer DRAMs make the problems much more difficult. This article covers optimization of the on-chip network and memory system to achieve the required system throughput.

  • 7 Essential Cabinet Design Considerations for Protecting 19" Electronics

    This white paper, written by Vlad Konopelko, Product Marketing Manager, North America, for Pentair’s Schroff brand, introduces seven essential mechanical structure and protection standards and design considerations for specifying a reliable 19” electronics cabinet solution for non-IT applications

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