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  • Chris A. Ciufo on All Things Embedded

    Chris A. Ciufo on All Things Embedded

    Does Secure Erase Actually Work?

    Chris A. Ciufo, Editor, Embedded Systems Engineering In this Part 2 of 2, I examine the subject of using...

  • EEVblog #926 – Introduction To The Oscilloscope  /   (Electronics Engineering Video Blog Podcast)

    What is an oscilloscope? What is it useful for? How is it used? What is the difference between an old school analog and a modern digital storage oscilloscope? Rigol DS1054Z is a good basic digital scope How not to blow up your oscilloscope VIDEO Mysteries of X1 Oscilloscope Probes Revealed VIDEO Vertical Confusion VIDEO...

  • Blog Post: Sub-1 GHz + Bluetooth® low energy and low-power MCUs help make meter reading automatic  /  (TI E2E Community)

    With the increasing focus on utilizing less of our world’s resources in our daily lives – water and energy are two important factors that can easily be reduced. Automatic meter reading (AMR) is one of the technologies being introduced to achieve this goal by automatically collecting consumption and status data of resource...

  • DSPLIB to Linux  /  (Consumerization: BYOD)

    Hi..Am currently working on TI DRA74x Jacinto 6 board. It has ARM core A15 and M4. and 1 DSP C66X. am working on image processing so I want to use both ARM A15+DSP C66x.Am running the code only on ARM A15.(ubuntu 12.04 with kernel 3.14) but processing speed is low... ......

  • 3 Things You Didn't Know About MemCon 2016  /   (Denali Memory Blog)

    Memcon is an event like few others, where SoC architects congregate to learn and debate the strategies of system design to keep up with the insatiable data/throughput demands of today’s electronics. The topics range from memory technology to system architectures, as captured in the MemCon 2015 Proceedings. While this...

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  • Delivering High Quality Analog Video Signals With Optimized Video DACs

    In most modern consumer equipment, multimedia content is processed in the digital domain. However, analog video transmission requires the digital video content conversion to the analog domain. This white paper outlines the most common analog video signal standard-specifications that multimedia SoCs must support. It describes the key characteristics and features of a digital-to-analog converter solution optimized for video applications.

  • USB 3.1: Evolution and Revolution

    This white paper digs into 10G USB 3.1 to clarify the evolutionary and revolutionary changes in the specification. USB 3.1 introduces a 10 Gbps signaling rate in addition to other features.

  • On-chip Networks Optimize Shared Memory for Multicore SoCs

    Performance of multicore SoCs is often dominated by external DRAM access, particularly in digital consumer devices running high quality video and graphics applications. Increasing core counts and newer DRAMs make the problems much more difficult. This article covers optimization of the on-chip network and memory system to achieve the required system throughput.

  • 7 Essential Cabinet Design Considerations for Protecting 19" Electronics

    This white paper, written by Vlad Konopelko, Product Marketing Manager, North America, for Pentair’s Schroff brand, introduces seven essential mechanical structure and protection standards and design considerations for specifying a reliable 19” electronics cabinet solution for non-IT applications

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