McObject LLC

eXtremeDB In-Memory Embedded Database

Compatible Operating Systems: All
Supported Architectures: Platform independent

In the race to offer advanced features that attract buyers, consumer electronics devices manage ever-growing volumes
of increasingly complex data. MP3 players organize tracks via meta-data and user input such as playlists and ratings; embedded gaming software demands concurrent data access, event notification, and fast, flexible search; set-top boxes offer a rich store of programming choices; even cell phones must organize messages—often in multiple
formats—logically, and retrieve them quickly.

Consumer electronics manufacturers rely on McObject’s eXtremeDB™ in-memory embedded database system to meet the stringent performance, reliability and minimal RAM and CPU requirements of new smart devices. Compared
to self-developed database solutions, eXtremeDB offers stability, extensibility and scalability gained from years of usage. eXtremeDB’s streamlined, all-in-memory architecture offers lightning fast responsiveness, with a code size as small as 50K. This tiny footprint enables use of less memory and lower-end processors, for cost savings
that drop to the bottom line.

Yet with this simplicity, eXtremeDB offers “real database” features, including a high level data definition language (DDL), concurrent access, transactions, and flexible indexing–plus unexpected extras in a small footprint, RAM-based database for real-time systems, such as event notification, variable-length and complex data, and 64-bit support. All this has prompted Siemens, Philips, JVC, Genesis Microchip and other electronics leaders to embed eXtremeDB in their consumer devices.


Set-top boxes; mobile phone handsets; digital media players; gaming devices and consoles; digital cameras; digital videorecorders; GPSs; Internet and VoIP phones; home media servers; PDAs and handheld computers; robots; gateways, servers and wireless access


  • In-Memory Performance – Storage in memory cuts disk I/O, caching and other overhead, resulting in real-time speed.
  • Lower Costs – Streamlined architecture enables striking efficiency gains, leading to lower component (RAM and CPU) costs.
  • Concurrent Access – Databases can be created in local or shared memory. Multiple processes and threads can share databases; a remote interface allows network access.
  • Developer Tools – Full source code, multiple supported
    data and index types, and sophisticated debugging features enhance productivity.
  • Better, Safer Code – Type-safe, intuitive C/C++ API shortens database learning curve, produces more easily maintained code, and eliminates costly run-time errors.


  • Code size from 50K to 250K, depending on the platform and features.
  • Source code and object code licenses are available.
  • Transaction performance measured in microseconds.
  • Persistence via streaming to disk; non-volatile RAM (NVRAM or battery RAM) support; High Availability edition.
  • Optional SQL programming interface.



Contact Information

McObject LLC

22525 SE 64th Place
Suite 302
Issaquah, WA, 98027

tele: 425.831.5964
fax: 425.831.1542

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