Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc.

Fingerprint Touch and Sweep Sensors™

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows CE, Windows 2K, XP and Vista; Micrium uc-OSII; Linux (in development)

Supported Architectures: x86, Arm 7/9, Fujitsu’s FR 32 bit RISC, ADI Blackfin, TI DSP’s

Fujitsu’s robust, solid-state, 500-dpi, 8-bit grayscale fingerprint sensors provide world-class image quality and low-power operation to improve the security and convenience of user authentication. These cost-effective sensors, which come in both touch and sweep sensor models, provide a quick, reliable alternative to passwords, PINs, keys and and other methods of user authentication.
Applications include computer and network logon, physical access, mobile device security, government ID’s, transport systems, and medical records.

With its advanced Auto-Finger Detection (AFD) circuit and on-board FIFO memory, the compact design of the MBF310 Sweep Sensor ™ IC optimizes power consumption
and CPU efficiency, making it ideal for the next generation of mobile phones and keyless access for embedded and automotive applications.

Similar to MBF310 features with integrated USB 2.0 full-speed interface. This latest member of the company’s
fingerprint sensor IC technology, the Fujitsu MBF320 Sweep Sensor features TrustedCore pre-boot authentication (PBA) from Phoenix Technologies, fingerprint-
matching algorithms and biometric software from Cogent Systems. The combination of the TrustedCore PBA with the MBF320 fingerprint sensor IC adds a vital new layer of security to PCs, notebooks and tablet PCs.

The MBF200 touch sensor is designed to integrate into devices for improved security and convenience. Applications
for the MBF200 include computer and network logon, physical access control, point-of-sale terminals, transportation security, medical information protection, and card-holder ID validation.


PCs, laptops, physical access to systems, buildings


Available now.


  • Capacitive CMOS sensors, low power and thin profile
  • Excellent image quality: 500 DPI, 8-bit grayscale imager
  • Durable, hard protective coating
  • Automatic finger detection, < 150 uA (sleep mode)
  • Programmable gain control adapts to wet/dry fingers


  • Fujitsu’s capacitive CMOS Touch and Sweep sensors
    provide excellent image quality, durability, low power, 500 dpi, 8-bit grayscale and compact size ideally suited for biometric applications.
  • Provides high security for computers, networks and access control used with computer logon/boot, network & enterprise security, identity management, time & attendance, lock boxes and physical access replacing keys, passwords, PINs
  • World-class matching algorithms provide virtually instant identification, with exceptionally low false acceptance and false rejection rates.
  • Turn-key solutions for computers, network, enterprise and embedded solutions available from industry leading system integrators.
  • Biometric development kits available supporting desktop, mobile and embedded environments.

Contact Information

Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc.

1280 East Arques Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA, 94085

tele: 408.737.5600
toll-free: 800.866.8608
fax: 408.737.5999

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