Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc.

Graphics Display Controllers

Compatible Operating Systems: QNX Neutrino; Green Hills Integrity

Supported Architectures: Fujitsu GDCs match up well with many CPU architectures including Power PC, V series, SH series, X scale, FR series

The market for in-vehicle navigation systems has grown steadily since they were first introduced in high-end automotive models in Japan in the mid-’90s. Fujitsu’s family of 3D and 2D graphics display controllers (GDCs) are the heart of these popular systems, which are now found in high-end European models and are moving into mid-range models around the world. More than 110 car and truck models worldwide now offer in-vehicle navigation. Fujitsu’s family of GDCs have been designed specifically to serve these systems. They provide all the features required for automotive applications, including an extended temperature range and low EMC characteristics.
In addition to video input and many 2D- and 3D-rendering functions, Fujitsu GDCs support flexible layers, a screen resolution of up to 1280×1024, alpha-blending and anti-aliasing.

Designers of display systems have historically had to choose between a low-cost On Screen Display Controller
(OSDC) or a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) with very few choices in between. The Fujitsu GDCs blend the two devices together and add special functions that address some of the more common requirements for automotive systems. These include video capture, video up and down scaling, multiple display layers and windowing functions. The job of the GDC is to provide a simplified method for displaying both pre rendered and real time rendered images on relatively small screens (8 to 12 inches) while maintaining a tight power budget (usually under 2 watts for 3D and less than 1 watt for 2D rendering). Fujitsu GDCs are both versatile and powerful and are supported by all major RTOS providers.


Automotive (entertainment/ navigation head units, dash clusters, Rear Seat Entertainment); Industrial; Medical; Avionics


Available now.


  • Multiple display layers (4 to 8 layers depending on device) that support frame level alpha blending. Pixel level alpha blending between two layers is a feature of all Fujitsu GDCs and some devices support this function between five layers
  • Programmable display resolutions from QVGAA up to 1280 x 1024
  • Bit map copy with transparency (alpha mask)
  • Texture mapping with perspective correction; 3D devices support volume clipping, transformation and rotating
  • All devices have Z buffers and provide hidden surface management


  • BGA packages (several devices are also available in QFP)
  • Temperature range -40 + 85 C
  • GPIO inputs/outputs; Serial interface
  • Video capture (digital) with up/ down scaling, and image correction functions
  • Built-in alpha blending, anti-aliasing, Gouraud shading,
    and chroma-keying

Contact Information

Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc.

1280 East Arques Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA, 94085

tele: 408.737.5600
toll-free: 800.866.8608
fax: 408.737.5999

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