Compatible Operating Systems: VxWorks, Windows Mobile, CE Smartphone, XP Embedded, Linux, Symbian
Supported Architectures: SH3, SH4, PPC, ARM9, ARM7, Blackfin DSP, x86, MiPS

SVOX supports customers and partners in the planning, designing and execution of speech solutions. In this way, we help you to surpass business goals, to not only satisfy but exceed application requirements, and most importantly,
we optimize user experience by providing them with a compelling voice interface. No other speech output solutions require less integration time than SVOX TTS does.

SVOX Mobile is the most compact suite of TTS lingware for mobile applications. Its footprint and sound quality ratio are the best in the industry. This cutting-edge TTS product boasts a very comprehensive and loud voice. SVOX Mobile Pro is the premier suite of TTS lingware for mobile devices, offering superior intelligibility and natural-sounding speech.

A SVOX TTS solution consists of one software library and a number of lingware packages for the required languages and voices. The Lingware packages are designed to be platform-independent. They run on all operating systems and processors and require no porting or compilation (see figure).

Based on SVOX Mobile, SVOX gives its customers complete freedom over the entire speech output integration process. By integrating SVOX Mobile or SVOX Mobile Pro, your device will read text messages or emails with a smooth human-like voice. SVOX products also enable the integration
of interactive help functions on portable devices and improve your device’s usability, thus attracting new users, and SVOX products improve safety and comfort.


  • SVOX Architecture

    SVOX is developing high quality speech output systems that allow short integration cycles and high cost savings throughout the product life-cycle.

  • Multi-language Capability

    In today’s international markets, multilingual product compatibility has become a decisive factor. SVOX is the only truly multilingual TTS solution. SVOX supports
    20+ languages, including all major European, North American and Asian languages.

  • Phrase Splicing

    Phrase splicing technology allows pre-recorded phrases to be seamlessly integrated with portions of speech generated by text-to-speech

  • Expressive Speech

    In addition to reproducing highly natural speech and mixing pre-recorded phrases with text-to-speech, SVOX has also developed technologies to reproduce expressive speech.


  • SVOX Mobile

    SVOX Mobile requires approximately 5 MB of RAM and 5 MB of ROM (Flash or Hard Disk) per included language. For signposts and traffic messages applications,
    the memory requirements can be reduced to approximately 2 MB RAM and 3 MB ROM.

  • SVOX Mobile Pro

    SVOX Mobile Pro requires approximately 7 MB of RAM and 12 MB of ROM (Flash, Hard Disk) per included language. For signposts and traffic messages
    applications, the memory requirements can be reduced to approximately 3 MB RAM and 8 MB ROM.

Contact Information


Baslerstrasse 30
Zurich, 8048

tele: 41.43.544.0600
fax: 41.43.544.0601

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