Windows Embedded CE 6.0

Supported Architectures: ARM, MIPS, SH4, x86

Componentized, real-time operating system and powerful
tools for building a broad range of small-footprint embedded solutions.

Designed specifically for embedded developers who need to bring new devices to market in minimum time and at the lowest possible cost, Windows Embedded CE 6.0 provides a 32-bit native hard real-time, small footprint operating system, a re-designed kernel, and powerful embedded development tools. CE 6.0 interoperates with industry standards and existing Microsoft desktop and server technologies to help you create differentiated devices for a broad range of device categories, from commercial devices to consumer electronics products.

New Kernel Provides Increased Functionality

CE 6.0 features a re-designed kernel to increase functionality
for a richer set of user experiences by enabling a larger number of applications to run simultaneously. CE 6.0 supports up to 32,000 simultaneous processes, with up to 2 GB of virtual memory space for each process. A new file system supports larger storage media, large file sizes and removable media encryption.

Enabling New Business Opportunities

  • The Cellcore Stack component helps devices establish data and voice connections over cellular networks.
  • The Windows Media Connect and Digital Video Recording components help devices consume media from Windows XP-based PCs and record, pause and rewind live video streams.
  • The Windows Network Projector component will make it easier for meeting attendees to give a presentation from a Windows Vista-based PC.

Source Code Access

Access to CE 6.0 source code helps you debug, test, and make changes to an operating system image. It lets you modify the operating system software to create differentiated
features while helping you maintain control over your intellectual property.


  • Hard real-time: OS Native real-time OS builds on the real-time capabilities of previous Windows Embedded
    CE versions

  • Improved unified kernel architecture: Improved system performance, increased security and robustness,
    high degree of backward compatibility.
  • Support for more concurrent processes and improved virtual memory per-process: Build devices with more user rich feature sets, Devices can be upgraded as end-user requirements change over time.
  • IP Indemnification: Reduced litigation risk for device makers, uncapped monetary intellectual property indemnification by Microsoft.
  • Shared Source Program: Use shared source code to document, debug, test and modify the OS image to create differentiated features.

    Improved driver support: Kernel mode drivers for performance, user mode drivers for robustness.

    Improved tools: Accelerate time-to-market and manage development costs

    Integrated board support: Significantly reduce development time.


  • Processor: 933 MHz or faster (2 GHz processor recommended)
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional SP4 or Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional SP2 (English or Japanese recommended)
  • 512 MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
  • 18 GB of available space required on installation drive
  • 1 GB of available space required on system drive, DVD-ROM drive, and display monitor with resolution of 1024×768 and high color (16-bit color)


Automotive; Communications; Consumer Electronics; Digital Security; Surveillance; Enterprise Infrastucture Security; In-vehicle Infotainment; Industrial; Interactive
Client; Military, Aerospace, and Government; Print Imaging; Storage; Wireless Telecommunication


Available Now. Try Before You Buy!
Start building and testing with the evaluation version of CE 6.0 software free for 180 days before making a purchasing decision. To download a trial version or order by mail, visit

Contact Information


One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA, 98052

tele: 425.882.8080
fax: 425.936.7329

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