Windows® Embedded for Point of Service

Advantages for Point-of-Service Devices

As the first Microsoft operating system designed specially
for point-of-service systems used by retail and hospitality organizations, Windows Embedded for Point of Service (WEPOS) will deliver at the point of sale and beyond. As a core component of the Microsoft Smarter Retailing Initiative, WEPOS offers the following advantages
to retail and hospitality organizations:


  • Easier. Windows Embedded for Point of Service is the first POS operating system platform to provide plug-n-play peripheral support. Extending standard desktop PC plug-n-play support to retail device peripherals, this will enable retailers to quickly install and integrate current and legacy retail device peripherals into a point-of-service
    system. WEPOS also offers a standard platform optimized for retail and hospitality applications and familiar device management technologies.
  • Empowering. Windows Embedded for Point of Service also empowers retailers to create the most compelling
    customer interactions by providing a standard, retail-optimized platform that includes the required retail-specific technologies, and full support for standard
    retail applications and device peripherals.
  • Lower Life-cycle Costs. Windows Embedded for Point of Service also provides low retail point-of-service life-cycle costs by decreasing OS and application development costs, deployment costs, servicing and maintenance costs, and POS hardware costs while providing the longest published product support life cycle for point-of-service systems.


Full-function point-of-sale workstation, Network bootable “thin client” point-of-sale terminals, Customer facing information kiosk, Self-checkout systems, Installation on select legacy POS device.


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  • Windows Embedded for Point of Service Functionality:

    • Plug-n-play functionality for retail device peripherals such as scanners, MSRs, and receipt printers

    • Easy setup and installation

    • Operating system updates from Microsoft via Windows Update

    • Support for standard PC network management solutions

    • Microsoft .NET Framework support for application developers building smart,connected applications

    • Internet Explorer Web browser software

    • Windows Media® Technologies for checkout lane advertising and training scenarios

    • Remote boot support

    • Multilanguage support

    • Network boot/diskless operation support

    • Dual-display support
  • Application and Device Peripheral Support:

    • From the check-in counter to the checkout lane, WEPOS will improve any retail and hospitality setting.
    The platform has been engineered to integrate seamlessly with both legacy and next- generation point-of-service systems providing:

    • Support for device peripherals that implement the UnifiedPOS interoperability specifications published by the Association of Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) including peripherals based on OPOS, JavaPOS
    and POS for .NET implementations.

    • Non-UnifiedPOS devices can be easily supported via a “generic” device base class supportedby WEPOS.

    • Support for applications written to the Win32® APIs and .NET framework as well as support for Java virtual machines.

    • Compatibility with applications written for Windows 9X, Windows NT®, Windows 2000, and Windows XP itself, providing the widest range of available software for the point of sale.
  • Building Devices with Windows Embedded for Point of Service

    • WEPOS has a smaller operating system footprint than the standard Windows XP Professional and can be installed on new and existingpoint-of-service systems. The baseline operating system hardware requirements are:

    – 233 MHz PII Processor

    – 64MB RAM memory

    – 280MB storage

Contact Information


One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA, 98052

tele: 425.882.8080
fax: 425.936.7329

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