VizionWare Hi-Wirez™ HDMI Cables Eliminate Pixelation in HD Video

Unfortunately, today’s interconnect products
have not kept pace with advances in digital transmission technology and are still predominately analog in nature. They do not provide an optimal link that allows high performance digital sources to deliver the full potential of high definition video content
to the digital display or output device.

The Solution:

VizionWare has developed and applied a patented core silicon technology to create a complete family of next generation digital interconnect products. The company’s award-winning digital technology delivers several unique technological advances leading to unprecedented improvements to HDMI and DVI digital cables and adapters. These key advances and improvements overcome the limitations of passive, analog cables, enhancing transmission between the source and sink cable ends, lowering EMI radiation and interference with other wired and wireless connections, while delivering theater quality signals to the display independent
of reach.

Image Enhancing Circuitry: Existing cables without this circuitry have attributes that lead to poor signal amplitude and phase dispersion throughout the cable. This causes signal loss in the cable, limiting reach and quality of the delivered image. VizionWare technology boosts the higher noise-susceptible
frequencies. This minimizes the signal loss in the cable, maintains the proper signaling
levels, and allows for longer, lighter and more cost-effective cables, while delivering
theater quality signals to the display.

Signal Balancing: Unlike existing cable solutions, VizionWare cables utilize signal balancing circuit techniques to provide unsurpassed viewing clarity. This circuitry balances out the spectral response of the cables, which inherently have a non-linear response to different frequencies. This balancing of the non-linear response eliminates
the pixelization and reach limitation of existing cable technology.

Enhanced Transmission Technology: Current passive, analog solutions create imaging problems between the Source and Sink cable ends. To overcome these limitations, VizionWare’s patented cabling technology minimizes signal coupling into shielded structures, as well as device impedance mismatches, both of which are common in existing passive cables. The signaling
schemes presently used in existing HDMI / DVI cabling technology only sink current to one half of the true and complement
differential pair at any one time, leading to common mode radiation and load differences in the cable assembly, with the resulting poor fidelity in delivered images. VizionWare’s signaling technology corrects this mismatch between the source and sink currents, further reducing EMI within the assembly. VizionWare technology also minimizes package-based EMI and pad ring noise. The benefits of these improvements are higher quality images delivered over longer distances at resolutions up to and including 1080p.

Optimal Spectral Diffusion: VizionWare implements advanced coding techniques to reduce the considerable spectral energy induced by horizontal synchronizing (“HSYNC”) and vertical synchronizing (“VSYNC”) coding symbols. Through the use of Optimal Spectral Diffusion, VizionWare products achieve dramatic decreases in EMI and EMI emissions, all without adding jitter to the signal. This reduces interference with other wireless and RF technologies; enhances EMC, and further enhances the delivered image versus alternative cabling.

VizionWare technology allows for unprecedented
bi-directional performance in an active cable assembly. The intended direction
of the channel will be determined by the nature of the pixel clock itself and will allow the cable to determine the appropriate direction of the transmission. A fully bi-directional cable with active technology will be able to identify the source and display devices on either end of the cable with no input from the end user needed whatsoever.

If you are interested in learning more about VizionWare technology and how it is revolutionizing
the digital interconnect market, please contact for more information.

Contact Information


12708 Riata Vista Circle
Suite A-115
Austin, TX, 78727

tele: 512.493.9660
fax: 512.493.9661

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