CIFS NQ™ (Network Quick) Client/Server middleware provides a practical, simple to implement…

CIFS NQ™ (Network Quick) Client/Server middleware provides a practical, simple to
implement and quick to market solution through integration of the Microsoft CIFS
client/server capabilities into the VxWorks, INTEGRITY, velOSity, ThreadX, Embedded Linux
and other embedded real time operating systems. Enabled with NQ, these embedded devices
are able to perform full client, server, and client/server file sharing functions in a
Microsoft Windows networking environment. File sharing enables multiple embedded devices
to remotely browse each other’s shared folders and to read, write, edit, copy, delete and
update each other’s files… all operations being done without the need to transfer entire
files to/from the device’s local disk or memory.

CIFS NQ™ products are a must for all Networked Embedded Systems, ranging from
common network infrastructure peripherals such as Routers and Switches, over SOHO Scanners
and Printers to PDA, MP3 Players, and Set-Top boxes.

CIFS NQ™ is a software product based on all industry standards with a small
footprint. CIFS NQ™ runs on Wind River’s VxWorks, Express Logic’s ThreadX and the
Linux operating systems and can be easily ported to any other operating system a device
manufacturer may use.

Once integrated into the device, hooking the CIFS NQ™ enabled device onto the
Microsoft Network allows the user to see the device in Windows’ “My Network Places”. Users
and embedded devices can now perform full client, server, and client/server file sharing

Changing configuration settings, downloading, upgrading or whatever is now as simple as
clicking on a device icon in “My Network Places”. CIFS NQ™ enabled products can be
easily plugged into the network and require none of today’s overly complex installation
procedures. Acquiring CIFS NQ™ off the shelf, allows our clients to save time and
money on expensive R&D, enabling them to center efforts on their core technology.

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