Skelmir LLC

CEE-J Virtual Machine

Compatible Operating Systems:Linux, VxWorks, NucleusPLUS, Windows CE et al, pSOS, eCOS, microTOS, ITRON, Proprietary,
MacOSX & Windows

Supported Architectures: PowerPC, x86 , MIPS 32 /64 , ST2 0/ST4 0, ARM, StrongARM, XScale, SH2 //4 , TI OMAP & DM64 x, Equator
MAP-CA, Equator BSP-15 , DSPs, & VLIWs, SPARC..

Proven in the marketplace on millions of devices and more on the way, Skelmir®’s clean room CEE-J virtual machines are found on a variety of embedded platforms from set top boxes integrated TVs to office machines, routers, industrial applications, handheld wireless devices and more. Combined with Skelmir’s compilation
technology, advanced graphics, tools and team of experts, CEE-J is a welcomed addition to customer development efforts.


CEE-J makes running your Java applications practical on resource constrained devices. The CEE-J static footprint makes it flexible enough to accommodate almost any set of requirements.

Whether your device calls for a minimal VM implementation or a complete platform for supporting OSGi, MHP, OCAP, browsers and other graphics-intensive middleware and applications, Skelmir has a solution to suit your needs.


CEE-J has been ported to an extensive and constantly growing list of processors. Contact Skelmir for the most current list!


Skelmir’s CWT graphics engine is built directly into the CEE-J VM providing advanced features such as TrueType Font rendering engine support, anti-aliased text graphics, full alpha channel support, text on a path, wobble, shading, and more.

Real Time Systems

Hard real time systems can add CEE-J functionality while maintaining the deterministic behavior of the native applications.


  • AdvancedGraphicalCapabilitiesidealforAdvanced Graphical Capabilities ideal for device-centric UIs
  • Minimal footprint, maximum performance
  • Proven and Portable
  • FlexiblelicensingFlexible licensing
  • Integration supportbySkelmir’sexpertteamIntegration &support by Skelmir’s expert team


  • Hosts MHP & other industry standard middle ware applications
  • Full VM & Advanced Graphics footprint ranges from 1-3 MB flash
  • NewAhead-of-Time Dynamiccompilationew Ahead-Dynamic compilation available
  • Remotedebuggingsupportemote debugging support


Building Automation, Car Infotainment and Telematics, Digital Imaging, Digital Video, Emerging Consumer Devices, Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, Medical, Networking Technologies, Transportation


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Skelmir LLC

55 Davis Square
2nd Floor
Somerville, MA, 02144

tele: 617.625.1551

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