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NQ is an embedded CIFS server/client protocol. NQ allows sharing of device-local files/printers like a regular Windows-based PC. As well it allows accessing files/printers shared by other devices/PC’s from a device. NQ powered device instantly appears under My Network Places of any Windows PC.


  • Windows native file-sharing protocol
  • Windows native printer sharing support
  • Portable POSIX/ANSI compliant
  • Includes NetBIOS protocol
  • Small footprint suitable for embedded systems


  • Supported target RTOS’ – VxWorks, Linux, INTEGRITY, Lynx, ThreadX, Windows CE, NetBSD, OS20/21. Portable to virtually any RTOS.
  • Supported Processors – Processor Independent.
  • Compatible with – Windows (all versions since 95), Mac OS X, Samba.


Safety Critical Avionics; Radar, Sonar & Signal Processing; Space; General Aerospace & Defense; Car Infotainment and Telematics; Powertrain, Chassis, Body Electronics; Digital Video; Digital Imaging; Mobile/Handheld; Broadband Access; Emerging Consumer Devices; Industrial Automation; Building Automation; Power Generation & Distribution; Medical; Transportation; Instrumentation; Carrier Class Networking; Enterprise Data Networking; Server and Storage Networking; Networking Technologies

Contact Information

Visuality Systems

2 Hatamar Street
Yokneam, 21692

tele: 972.4.9592155
fax: 972.4.9592173

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